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July 22, 2011



I don’t think I’ve ever gone almost a WEEK without a blog post…and while that may sound a bit sad to some, I have to say I’ve missed it…that, and the whole connection-to-the-outside-world that is affectionately called The Internet.

We took our first mini-vacation as a family of four this week. I had planned to take our computer in for some deluxe spa treatment while we were gone, but she got a little ahead of herself and decided to go on vacation [i.e. completely spaz out] before I even had a chance to schedule some blog posts / write an out-of-office message / check the week’s weather / print directions to our hotel / pay bills (!!!).

I’m a bit “2002” in my approach to the online world, so alls I have is this here laptop.

My friends like to tease me that I have a drug dealer phone. Yes, it’s a prepaid little number that looks like the cell phone I had in 1997, but it is one way we cut costs after the girlies were born. It doesn’t have a touch screen, or internet access…but on a positive note, I did learn how to send a text message over the past week.

We got back into town yesterday afternoon, and I was looking forward to installing our new router and re-learning how to type.

But…as luck would have it…we had a big storm which knocked out power for more than two hours! I was beginning to think there was some kind of vast, intergalactic conspiracy to keep me from my Google account.

After the girlies went to bed, I summoned my Computer Science 101 skills from 16 years ago and set out to install our new router.

After 117 trips up and down the steps and some quality time spent with the customer service representative, I finally saw that little flicker in the bottom right-hand corner of my laptop screen…and my heart flickered, too.

I’ve missed you, Blogworld! I’m ready to Tweet, fellow Twitterers! And I’m gonna pay my bill today, AT&T!


championm2000 said...

Welcome back! You were missed, but I hope you enjoyed a (disconnected) vacation!

Deanna said...

Glad you're back! I figured you might have slipped off somewhere this week. Can't wait to hear about it! : )

Julia said...

Can't wait to hear about your family vacation. And--if there are any travel tips you wanna throw out there, oh wise, travel saavy, Mama! I'd totally love to hear them!

Hooray for sending a text message! Soon you'll be sucked into the text messaging vortex, and have full conversations via text message ;)

Way to go installing the router all by yourself!

"...vast intergalactic conspiracy..." = hilarious!

Holly Ann said...

Welcome back, friend! We missed you. ;)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Missed you! Happy to have you back!

I also have a phone like yours...are you planning on tweeting on it? Please let me know how that goes because I don't even know how to text...LOL!

Have a great Friday!

Marcia (123 blog) said...


I'll show you mine if you show me yours.... your PHONE!

Mine can do email and the internet but WHY would I want to do that when I have a netbook?!

And wait, when did you decide to do Twitter? How's that working for you, in the words of our favourite Dr Phil.

I have missed you, Mandy, and I'm serious about the phone.

I think I will take a pic and do a linky thing next week. YOu in?

reanbean said...

It can feel like a complete disconnect when you lose Internet access for a while. But, sometimes I find it refreshing too. I once went about a week without blogging or even opening my Google reader, and I was able to see all the other things that I could do (for fun or for productivity around the house) with all the time I was spending on blogging. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blogging and keeping up with all the amazing people I've connected with through the blogosphere. But it was also nice to see that not all was lost just because I took some time off.

In any case, it's good to know you're back! Hope you had a great vacation!

Mandy said...

I can't wait to hear about the trip (and all the pointers you have to give). I never go more than a day or two for fear of my schedule being obliterated!

I now feel obligated to send you are more recent phone. What carrier do you have?

Andrea said...

I for one am so glad you are back, sister!! Yay for learning to text message!! Ha! Happy Friday!!

Barbara Manatee said...

I had to force myself NOT to take our laptop on vacation. I was even good about keeping my cell phone off most of the time and resisted to urge to try to search for a signal to look at facebook and blogs! ha! My google reader is overflowing but it was a good break away!