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July 22, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

I’m really glad to be back to regularly-scheduled programming…and I’m really glad to report that – even without an internet connection – we had a most fabulous week!

1) Last Friday we needed to be out of the house for a couple of hours, so we took a little field trip to a national park about 20 miles north of here. We just walked around for a bit…but it’s just so cool that the girls are actually starting to *enjoy* field trips!

2) On Saturday we hosted my friend Rachel, her husband, and her seven-month old twin girls for dinner. I have so missed entertaining over the past couple of years, and it’s great to finally be able to juggle our girls and enjoy the company of friends. And the girls were so excited about seeing “the babies”…they were pulling out toys all afternoon, saying, “The babies will like to see this!” It actually took the girls a little bit to warm up to the babies, but they’ve talked about “the babies” all week.

3) On Monday I made dinner for a friend who just had a baby girl. The girls saw me making creamed spinach and peach cobbler – two of their favorites – and I explained it wasn’t for them; it was a present for Miss Meridith and her baby. Then they went with me to deliver the goodies to Miss Meridith's husband. The girls have talked all week about Baby Allie and how much she likes creamed spinach, peach cobbler, and chicken. I haven’t even tried to explain that the baby didn’t actually eat the dinner…I think it would trouble them that Baby Allie didn’t get any of the spoils.

4) Last week we went to our local orchard, and the girls played on the big playground there. The “bumpy slide” (as the girls call it) was too wet to play on, though. I told the girls that the sun would evaporate the water later in the day. That phrase has stuck with them. The very first thing I heard B say when she woke up from her nap yesterday was, “The sun will evaporate the water.” And A was quick to validate, “You’re right, [Baby B]!” I can’t say they truly understand what that means, but it’s so funny to hear them repeat their science lessons!!!

5) More to come on this note…but the bestest thing about this week – hands down – was, of course, OUR FIRST FAMILY VACATION!!! The girls ate well, slept well, and enjoyed all our adventures.

And what did I do for ME this week???

I went on vacation! Of course being on vacation with the fam is pretty hard work…but I relaxed when and where I could. I ate yummy food, including chocolate every day. I went to bed early at night, propped up on squishy pillows, and read. And I even bargained with Hubby to drive on the way home so I could NAP in the car. (Now if someone would just come do my laundry and restock the refrigerator…anyone???)



Julia said...

Our girls love creamed spinach too!!!

Hooray for vacation! Delighted you were able to rest and relax, and super encouraged that your girls slept well while away. Can't wait to hear all the details :)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Looking forward to hearing all about your Vacation!

Have a great weekend!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

can't wait to hear more about your "vacation" but don't rush - I'm only down to 136 items in my GR!

championm2000 said...

I always bargain with my husband to drive so I can nap in the car--best.sleep.ever. after a long vacation!

reanbean said...

Looking forward to hearing the details about your first family vacation. I'm already jealous about the sleeping well. Fingers crossed that our sleep as well as yours did on our next little trip.

Andrea said...

That is a lot of babies in 1 week...did it make you have baby fever or did you feel relieve that you are past that stage? I can honestly say I think I am over the baby fever! It took awhile, but I think I am there! How did I get there? It is so much fun the older they get! I love it!

I can't wait to hear more about this milestone vacation! Go you!! Have a great weekend!

penguinsandladybugs said...

Vacations are great....I need one! I love that you had chocolate every day!!

Barbara Manatee said...

We just got back from vacation, too! We had a great time at the beach. Can't wait to hear about your trip! (I read lots too...1.5 books!)

Christina said...

I'm so glad you had a nice week!! I didn't know you went on vaca, I'm glad to hear it was awesome!