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July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!

When the girls turned two in January, they could sing “Happy Birthday”, but I don’t think they really grasped the concept of a birthday party.

Since we attended our twin friends’ second birthday party in May, though, A and B have developed quite a fixation on birthday celebrations.

They’ve held so many birthday parties for their baby dolls over the past couple of months, those dolls must surely be of retirement age by now.

Sometimes the very first words I hear them utter over the monitor, their little voices still crackly with sleep, are, “It’s Abby’s birthday!” “It’s Lily’s birthday!

We often start our mornings by singing “Happy Birthday” to both of the girls’ dolls. Then I usually hear, “I’m gonna go make her a special birthday breakfast!

Throughout the day, I’ll hear various bits and pieces…”It’s Abby’s birthday! These are her presents!” The girls will have carefully chosen a couple of books or toys that they guard from being separated from their dolls.

Often when we do artwork, the girls will declare, “I’m making this for Lily! It’s her birthday!

And of course, every day there are birthday cupcakes to bake and serve.

(Never mind that the girls have had cupcakes approximately twice in their lives…they associate them directly with birthdays, and apparently think no celebration is complete without a good cupcake!)

The girls are going to have a big week of birthday celebrations, and they’re so excited…

We’ll celebrate the girls’ “Half Birthday” on Tuesday. We don’t do presents, but we just make a special family day out of it…and I am making them strawberry cupcakes.

Then Daddy’s birthday is on Friday, and we celebrate our cat’s birthday on the same day [at Husband’s request].

The girls are super excited about everything going on over the next several days. They’ve already made Sasha numerous cards (and I’m sure they’ll turn their attention to Daddy’s birthday soon).

I may have thrown a bit of a kink in their little minds today, though...

...I tried explaining that we’re celebrating America’s birthday. I can only imagine the concept of our country is a very difficult one to grasp. Nonetheless, the girls have been saying, “Happy birthday, America!” most of the day.

I just know they’re wondering when I'm going to break out the cupcakes! I hope they won't be disappointed to discover we are having watermelon instead.

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

How cool is this? I just sent you this link for cupcakes for America's birthday and then I go into GR and you've written this post.

Come on, Mandy, make the girls some cupcakes :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

PS If you don't want to go to the trouble of those cupcake toppers, here's some cute bunting to attach to toothpicks :)

Andrea said...

This is too sweet!! I love it! Molly says Happy Birthday every time she sees a present sack! It's pretty funny!! I hope you are getting these doll birthday parties on tape!!

Julia said...

"I just know they’re wondering when I'm going to break out the cupcakes!"

Hilarious! If I know anything about your girls---the watermelon will be devoured and loved :)

Miss Megan said...

That is too precious! Happy Birthday America too! Bring on the cupcakes! Watermelon just won't do for a birthday celebration! =)

Rebecca said...

I love that you do a half-birthday celebration!

Unknown said...

I've thought about celebrating 1/2 birthdays just so the kids can have fun outdoor celebration with friends. It stinks having all winter birthdays here!

championm2000 said...

Strawberry cupcakes...yum!