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July 10, 2011

I Scream...You Scream...They Finally Scream Now, Too

When the girls were 15 months old, they sampled ice cream for the first time. Having had sweets only a couple of times prior to that…and I don’t think ever having had anything very cold…they weren’t big fans.

It did yield one of my favorite pictures, though. I love how Baby A is wincing, and B is squealing for her turn, certainly not knowing what's ahead.

It actually took a couple of months for the girls to warm up to the idea of sweet + cold. It kinda bothered me for a bit, or at least made me wonder if there hadn’t been some type of mix-up somewhere…Mommy and Daddy are both big ice cream aficionados, and the thought of the girls not following in our sugar-and-cream-laden footsteps just didn’t seem right.

I diligently tried them again with ice cream every week or so until…finally…one day it clicked.

Hey, this stuff is good!

My “hard work” has certainly paid off, as these days, I think the girls would eat ice cream three times a day if I’d let them. We don’t actually eat ice cream more than about once a week, but it’s such a nice, fun family treat.

We have a local dairy barn that makes The Best Ice Cream (and to-die-for chocolate chip cookies…but that’s another post). There’s something picturesque about taking the girls out in the country for “real” ice cream…just steps away from the cows in the pasture.

They also sell ice cream from the dairy barn at a little coffee shop on our downtown square. We sometimes get a scoop there to share on a bench in front of the fountain. The girls are all about that…ice cream + a huge fountain + the likelihood of seeing someone walking a dog…a little girl’s dream, for sure!

We more often frequent a little yogurt shop that opened about a year ago. It’s not quite as picturesque, but it’s locally-owned, and the girls feel right at home there.

Over the past couple of months, I finally got brave enough to let them hold their own cups of yogurt…which means I have both my hands to enjoy my own treat! You can see they take their frozen-dessert-eating pretty seriously!

The next frontier? The girls’ first ice cream cone. And I’m gonna gather up the courage to let them do it.

July is National Ice Cream month. It seems un-American not to honor the “holiday” in some meaningful way, right?

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Holly G said...

Oh my gosh - I didn't know it was National Ice Cream month! Well, I guess I'll be buying some tonight! :)

I'm so glad your girls warmed up to it! I would be so bummed if I couldn't enjoy a little ice cream with my kids every once in awhile!

Unknown said...

I have been seriously craving some ice cream lately! The kids keep asking me to buy some at the store but I keep making excuses not to b/c if its in the house, I'll eat it (& that's not good for losing weight!). I told Paul I wanted some this weekend and we planned to on Saturday night, but Jacob wasn't feeling well and we just went home after running around town for a bunch of stuff. :-( THIS week for sure!!

Helene said...

All my kids were the same way with ice cream...I think it's just way too cold for them when they're that young. But try keeping them away from ice cream now and all hell breaks loose!!!

Cute pics!!

Jayme said...

My boys can put away some ice cream! The first time they had it they were hesitant for a few bites, and then inhaled it.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Mine still don't like ice-cream but that's just fine with me :)

I have a craving about once a year and we buy a tub, and then eat about half and the rest gets that horrible ice on it eventually and I throw it out.

But cakes? hmmmm. They told me last night they wanted cake but I was not having that crazy running around so I said they can have a TINY bit today with V :) Oh i am so naughty!

Quadmama said...

My girls love ice cream. They have from their very first bite. I don't typically have ice cream in our freezer, but every now and then we'll go somewhere for an ice cream fix.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

I haven't ventured "there" yet with Ave & Bryce but now that it's National Ice Cream Month...well, I guess I better get to it! LOL

I found this on another might be fun to make your own ice cream with the girls...sounds easy enough!

Andrea said...

Too sweet!! The girls hair has grown so much! Adorable! Glad they loved it this time! Cute, cute! :)

championm2000 said...

I vote for ice cream cones in July. It's National Ice Cream Month, so I say celebrate :-)

reanbean said...

We just passed the "first ice cream cone" milestone this passed spring. We did vanilla soft serve in cake cones. It definitely was messy (and we haven't done it since), but the kids loved it. However, they are very used to eating their own ice cream in a dish, so I'm not going to feel too bad about them not having cones all the time. That day will come.