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July 1, 2011

Do a Little Something for Yourself, Why Don't Ya?!

Amid the hustle and bustle of life as a mom, it's so easy for us moms to deprioritize ourselves. Since January of this year, The Great dollimama has encouraged us to devote at least a little bit of time and consideration to ourselves each week as part of her 52 Weeks of ME! Challenge.

Stepping back, I've done a lot for myself...

...from "big" things like pedicures and date nights... "small" things like appreciating driving with the sunroof open, the wind through my hair, and the radio up [sans kiddos, of course].

None of these things was very monumental, nor did it break the bank. But it's been a great weekly challenge, one that I think has made me a better mom.

We're halfway through the year (how did that happen?!), and to celebrate, we're hosting an awesome giveaway link-up!

Wanna play? The more, the merrier!

Just grab the button, link up with me here, with dollimama, or with Andrea at The Mays Twins between now and July 7.

Your giveaway should be in the neighborhood of ~$10...and should be something that another mama could use to pamper herself a bit.

It could be anything...get creative! A gift card...a "pretty" for the house...or even photo editing or a bit of blog design. Check out the full details HERE.

What are you waiting for? Do something for yourself and enter!!! :) :)


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