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July 23, 2011

A Bit About Me, July Edition

My birthday is February 23rd, so on the 23rd of each month, I’ve taken to sharing a couple of really random things about myself…

21) I haven’t had hair this long since I was 18.
When I was in high school, I had long, straight hair, almost down to my waist. When I graduated, I slowly began having it shortened, until I went for a short layered look right after freshman finals. From there, I kept my hairdressers whittling away over the years, until I got my shortest haircut ever, right before the girls were born. I almost immediately realized the need for a ponytail, though, so I began to let it grow. I don’t have plans to let it get much longer than what it is, but I’m loving my free-flowing locks…and my ponytail option.
The only funny thing is that, when I run into people whom I used to work with, some of them don’t even recognize me “incognito”.

22) When I was in the sixth grade, I had what can now only be described as a mullet.
The haircut started in the fourth grade, the best I can remember, as a cute little Dorothy Hamill bob. When I was 11 or so, I distinctly remember not wanting to sit in the chair at the salon for any longer than I had to, asking my hairdresser if she could just cut the top. It shortened the duration of my haircut by more than half…and to a tender-headed kid, that was a priority.
Let’s just say I won’t be scanning any of those grade school pictures online any time soon…and let’s home none of my hometown friends decide to play any mean tricks!


reanbean said...

I can certainly understand not wanting to share photos from your mullet days (I too had a very bad haircut at age 9 that still haunts me to this day), but it would be so fun to see a photo of you with the long, long hair you had in high school.

Growing up, I always wanted long hair, but it seemed the longer it got, the tighter the curls got. I've never had it curly and longer than top of the shoulder length. I currently have it roughly chin length, but if I blow it out straight, it goes down to the top of my chest.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Ahhhh...come on...we REALLY want to see those pics! I'll post mine if you post yours...LOL!!

We should have a "Bad Hair" linky party!

Happy Weekend!

Holly Ann said...

Right now, I have really cute bob for a haircut and I love it...except when it's time to go to the gym. I have a really hard time getting it all off my face. Lots of hair clips are needed and it's a pain. I'm envious of your ponytail. ;)

championm2000 said...

I'm with Ginger! Show us the pics :-) I am sure we can all relate!

Barbara Manatee said...

my hair's longer now that its been in a while, too! After I had the twins, I kept cutting it shorter and shorter...I think it was at its shortest (well since college) when Adam was born but I've had nothing but trims since then and it keeps getting longer. I think I'm about ot max on the length - my hair gets a lil unruly when its gets longer. I cut it short b/c I'd gotten into the the 'ponytail' habit...but once it was short, I missed the option to pull it back! ha!

Johanna said...

With a teaser like that, we have to see the mullet phase. :)

My mom gave me a 'Dorothy Hamil' haircut when I was 5ish, and my grandmother told her I looked like a boy. Scarred me for life... literally. I've never had short hair And by short I mean higher than my shoulder blades.

Christina said...

My hair was soooo long in HS! Just last winter I chopped it off, shorter then it had ever been. I really like it short now. :-)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I seriously want to see a mullet shot!

Anonymous said...

i'd LOVE to see pictures :)

and we *all* had those haircuts. don't even talk to me about my perms!!