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July 28, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

I know it’s common for little kiddos to mix up the order of words in a sentence.

I don’t know if my ear just naturally descrambles what my kiddos say, but I really don’t notice them doing much of this.

There are a couple of exceptions, though. I can’t tell if it’s a word order phenomenon, or if it’s a function of their perspective on life.

Since the girls were tiny, I have made a big deal of “hopping” on and off the sidewalk (an effort to make the huge bumpity-bump-bump-bump in their stroller seem “fun”).

At one point during our usual route, the sidewalk ends. Narrating everything, as always, I say, “Let’s HOP down from the sidewalk…the sidewalk is ending!” [Doesn’t that just ooze fun???]

Occasionally, we’ll walk our route in reverse. The girls have been pointing out that the sidewalk is ending, instead of that it is beginning (coming from the opposite direction).
I’ve corrected them, telling them that the sidewalk is “beginning” from this direction. When we’ve been walking on foot, I’ve even stopped to illustrate the point. They seem to understand…but then start talking about the sidewalk “ending” again immediately thereafter.

Another example is when the phone rings. The girls often simply ask, “Who is it?” But sometimes they’ll say, “Who Mommy called?” I don’t know if they mean “Who called Mommy?” – a simple change to the word order – or if they’re actually a bit confused about whether it was an incoming or outgoing call.

And this last one seems like a classic “Who’s on First” sketch at times…

Baby A might give something to her sister. I’ll remind Baby B, “Tell Sissy ‘thank you’.” But the receiver then often responds with, “You’re welcome, Sissy,” I guess in response to my ‘thank you’. It can go ‘round and ‘round if I’ll let it.
Rinse and repeat.

Baby A and Baby B…Abbott and Costello…maybe it’s just to be expected with two-year old twins that a mama doesn’t know if she’s coming or going...calling or being called...up or down...or in or out.

Almost the only thing that is constant and certain is being in motion…in one direction or another.


Nicole S. said...

My two do something similar with thank you and you're welcome. It's annoying but cute! They don't seem to 100% understand the directionality of either, although they're getting better. I'm sure I will miss it when they finally stop saying "thank you" when giving me something - so cute!

Anonymous said...

lol. so true.

the please, thank you, and you're welcome are all mixed up in this house, too!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

I am looking forward to when Ave & Bryce start to talk...this kinda sounds like fun & frustrating all rolled up into one "unforgetable" interaction(s)!

Have a great day! :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

These girls are way too advanced (they talk better than some 4 year olds I know).

Mine say please and then think that means they automatically will get it. When I say no, they (Connor) wail like I'm killing them.

I love all your girls' antics. They are adorable. Can we have a video?

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

C & G still say "Mommy, I want to hold you' when they mean that they want me to hold them. I dread the day when they get that correct. One of the last cute little baby things in their vocabulary.

You'll need to read the girls the poem 'Where the Sidewalk Ends'. :)

Unknown said...

ha! too cute! Adam's new word to use for EVERYTHING is "that thing"

Mama, I want that thing.

What is that thing?

I play with that thing.

its funny!

But the funniest thing is how he says "bench." We'll just say I was glad I was in the company of a friend who could laugh with a toddler's mispronunciation the other day at t-ball!