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May 17, 2015

She Finally Did It!!!

My sweet Baby B lost her first tooth Friday night!!!  It’s been a long, long time in coming…both in that Baby A lost her first tooth a full year and a half ago, and in that this tooth has been very wiggly for a long time now.

We went to the dentist on Thursday, and I joked with B that they might pull it for her.  She was OK with that!  The hygienist said that they didn’t want to “traumatize” a kiddo, though, and she encouraged B to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

When I went to floss B’s teeth on Friday night, the tooth was literally hanging by a tiny thread.  I told her she really needed to try to pull it.  I handed her a tissue to use to improve her grasp.  I can only compare the sensation I had to that of when I was encouraging her final step in the potty-training process.  She wanted to do it…she was excited to do it…but she was just a tiny bit scared.  I was cheering her on, and she was shivering, almost crying…and giggling, all at once.

She came so close, but she didn’t quite make it.  I asked if she wanted me to pull it, and she said yes.  I took the tissue and very easily came out with a tooth.

I wish I could have recorded all the dancing and squealing and laughing!!!  And very soon after, she tried to whistle, to make sure she still could.  Affirmative.

Baby A’s first-tooth experience caught me by surprise.  It was not something I was mentally prepared for, and I really had to fight back tears, to put on my happy “celebration” face.  For B, though, I was nothing but ecstatic.  I am so proud how patiently she’s waited for this to happen, and I am so excited for her to finally join these ranks.

We ran downstairs to show Daddy and make pictures, and then we made promises to celebrate B’s special day on Saturday.  We kicked off Saturday with breakfast at JD’s, B’s choice.  We hadn’t been there in ages, so it was a big treat for all of us.

B was looking forward to having her first bead on her bracelet, too.  I was hopeful she wouldn’t be disappointed that I’d bought her bead already.  (The jewelry store was discontinuing the line of beads we started buying, and I went ahead and bought her initial bead so it would match her sister’s.)  I wrapped it up with a pretty bow and gave it to her as a surprise at the restaurant, before our breakfast was served.  She was so happy!

It was a very rainy day yesterday, so we have yet to celebrate with ice cream at the Dairy Queen, another tradition, but we’ll add that to the list of celebratory actions very soon.

I love this now-crooked smile, and the big heart of the kiddo it belongs to.

May 14, 2015

The End of an Era

I remember very clearly from the night the girls were born, being alone in my hospital room.  A very kind nurse came and in brought me a breast pump.  She said I should probably try to start pumping.  "You may not get anything, but it will be good to try," she said.  

Everything felt so foreign.  I hadn't intended to have babies prematurely.  I had planned to breastfeed, not to get acquainted with a breast pump.

I eventually got things sorted, and I remember the nurse being so encouraged that I'd actually dribbled a little bit into the cup.  She offered to take it to the NICU, and promised she'd see that the girls got it.

All things considered, I was feeling very proud.  I pumped again later that night, and then in the morning.  At some point, a nurse brought me all the accouterments I'd need to pump, including collection cups and a miniature bottle of Palmolive dish detergent to wash all the parts of the pump.

(That quickly became Hubby's job, to wash the "dishes".  I remember how makeshift it all felt, washing things in the little sink in the hospital room, but we managed to make do.)

The washing routine quickly took on a life of its own.  We washed pump parts and bottles 6 to 8 times a day for a long, long time.  

And all the while, the miniature bottle of dish detergent was a faithful friend.  We had to refill it, of course (and during the first year we only did so with Palmolive, since that's what the hospital used), but it was so convenient [relatively speaking] to use.

When the girls graduated from bottles, around 15 or 16 months, we finally returned to using Cascade.  But we kept our dear little bottle.  SIX YEARS LATER, that bottle still sits on our counter.  We don't wash very many things by hand, but it's super easy to grasp when I'm hand-washing the pieces to the girls' lunch kits.

Just last night, Hubby broke some bad news to me.  The little bottle has a crack.  "We'll have to get something else," he said.  I honestly couldn't think too much about it.  "Just leave it there for now," I told him.  "We'll figure it out."

In truth, I wanted to make a picture of the little bottle that's been by my side through my girls' childhood to date.  We've long since discarded the bottles and the sippy cups; the miniature forks and spoons are no more.  This marks the end of another era.

May 9, 2015

Super Stuff on a Saturday!

So thankful to have recorded some of the Super Stuff from around our house the past couple of weeks!

The girls aren’t always in lock-step with each other, but it’s so sweet when they are.  A few nights ago, after supper, Baby A planted a big, spontaneous hug on Baby B as we were heading into the den to play a game.  Made this mama’s heart smile!

On the way to school, Baby A was talking about how old she would be when she can drive.  “I’ll be able to drive when I’m in college…but you’ll still pick me up, right, Mommy?”  Absolutely.

Our kitty Miki is famous for wanting to sit in my lap, specifically during mealtimes.  (He’s really good and doesn’t reach for food…he just likes being there!)  He was all comfy after supper one night, and A asked if I would put him in her lap.  I did, and he sat there for the longest time.  She was in furry baby heaven!

I took the girls for ice cream cones at the Dairy Queen last weekend to celebrate A losing a tooth.  Once upon a time, this would have been major anxiety for me.  I realized most of the way through, though, that the girls were eating their cones WITHOUT MAKING ANY MESS.  Wowza.

On the way to school one morning:
B: "Mommy, what if the earth is just a tiny little spec, like in Horton Hears a Who?"
Me: "Well, it really kind of is, in the scheme of the universe."
A: "Yeah, and it would take a thousand years to reach another galaxy."
...Little minds. Big thoughts. 

Last Saturday the girls wanted to play outside for a few minutes after we got home from some errands.  We messed around with a few different toys, and then B got out a small football she got as a prize at school.  I did my best to show her how to throw it…and she did a really good job!!!  There were even a couple of nice, tight spirals!!!

Serious about football!
We watched a few minutes of the Kentucky Derby last Saturday.  Right before the race, I was caught really off guard that the girls were singing along, word for word, to "My Old Kentucky Home".  At least they can also sing Sweet Home Alabama!

Different-height Twin Problem #17. I laid out the girls' clothes for the day, which happened to include matching sweaters.  Although their jeans were different, the girls happened to put on the wrong pair.  We were running out the door when I noticed A's jeans were high waters, and B's were dragging the floor. Hee hee!  Thank goodness they were conciliatory and agreed to switch.

Outta the mouths of babes, at bedtime last Sunday night: "Mommy, why is the weekend so short? It seems like it just started! I wish it could be 10 days long."  Credit to Baby A for this unadulterated insight.

Playing on Saturday...JOY!!!
The girls were playing with magnets last weekend. They came barreling downstairs to breathlessly tell me what they'd just learned. Then, "C'mon, Sissy!  Let's go see what else we can discover!!!"

May 3, 2015

She Lost It Without Me

Baby A lost her first tooth when she was a couple months shy of five.  She’s lost a few more since then, and I can’t say I’ve grown to love seeing those super-wiggly teeth.  I *try* to be excited and encouraging, but it takes a lot of acting on my part.

(I do have one rule, that you don’t wiggle your teeth at the dinner table.  I think that’s fair enough…and for the love of dinner…please…just don’t.)

Baby A has recently had a couple of relatively wiggly teeth, as has B (although B has yet to actually lose one).  On Wednesday, I came home to find A’s tooth VERY loose.  I encouraged her to get it out…it seemed ready…but she couldn’t quite do it.

Thursday passed.  And then Friday, I came home from work to see my A with a new twist to her smile. 

My baby girl lost her sixth tooth at school that day.

And I wasn’t there.

I knew it was bound to happen at some point, and I can’t say I missed the actual wiggle-wiggle-wiggle…POP!...but it was bittersweet.

Of course A was giddy.  Her tooth came out in art class.  What did you do, I asked her.  “I raised my hand,” she said, beaming.  The teacher told her to “wait a minute,” and then she got to go to the office.  From the health room, they got a pill bottle (???) and put her tooth in it.  She washed her hands and went back to class.  “Everyone wanted to see it!” she gushed.

I was very proud of A for being such a big girl, and – thinking back to my elementary school days – I can only imagine how *cool* it must have been for her to experience losing a tooth at school.  We celebrated on Saturday with a new bead for her bracelet and an ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen (a very rare treat). 

She even managed to tear into the cone with her snaggle teeth!

Lots of smiles surround this little milestone (some of them more crooked than others), but I can’t think too hard about it.  Loosing teeth is a sure sign of growing up…and handling it without your mommy there seems even more momentous.

Sniff, sniff!!!

April 29, 2015

Ooh...That's FANCY!!!

My purse was getting a little ratty, so I treated myself to a new bag on my lunch hour on Monday.  I didn’t splurge on anything outrageous, but I thought I made a stylish, yet classic, choice.

On Tuesday morning I got into the car, the girls already loaded in the back seat.  “Ooh, that’s a new purse, Mommy!” Baby A noticed right away.

And then she continued…

That’s FANCY!  That’s SO FANCY,” she went on, speaking slowly, formulating her thoughts as she went along…

…that’s SO FANCY, it’s like it’s for someone who wears red high heels…”

“…and colors their lips…”

“…and wears a long dress…”

“…and goes to the mall…or works at American Bank.”

“Yeah, it’s like something you’d see in a magazine!” B added.

The girls were totally serious, but I could not contain my laughter. 

I was tickled for much of the day, and also maybe a little dismayed.  Perhaps I need to spruce things up more often…so as not to shock my children by the likes of a new [not-really-fancy] purse.

Hee hee!!!

April 22, 2015

Super Stuff and a Happy Ending

Just a few super things from the last few days...

On Sunday, I let the girls take their wallets to Walmart and pick out a Lego set using their birthday money.  How I loved seeing them figuring out how much they each needed to pull from their stash.  (And how much fun we all had playing, too!!!)

The car they built by themselves...before we embarked on a much bigger challenge.

On Sunday, we got caught in heavy rain leaving the grocery store.  (It was just starting to sprinkle when we walked out, but by the time we got to the car, the rain was pouring down.)  The girls were RUNNING and LAUGHING at having gotten caught in the rain…made me smile.  And then it was so cute to hear A telling GG on the phone, “We got in a ginormous rain storm!”  [“Ginormous” is the word of the week, apparently.]  And then B added, “I’m SOAKED!” to which GG cackled.

The last couple of days, B has started wrapping the silverware before supper.  I guess she picked this up from a restaurant, and she thinks it’s the greatest.  It was so cute when she wanted to surprise Daddy the first night.  She begged him to come to the table with his eyes closed.

I woke A up on Monday morning, B having gotten up a few minutes before her.  I asked A where Sissy was, and she said, “She left.  And I don’t know where she went.”  She made it sound so serious!

We had a big rainstorm a couple of nights ago.  It’s not unusual for A to wake up, but I didn’t hear anything from her.  I asked her the next morning if she heard the storm.  “No, I guess I was too busy sleeping,” she rationalized.

I told the girls on Monday night that their new cousin would be born soon.  “Aunt T is in the hospital right now.”  “NOW???” A questioned, incredulously.  “But it’s BEDTIME!!!  When will she sleep???”  If only...

And…in the exciting conclusion of The Case of the Missing Jacket…I’m thankful to report it was located on Monday.  We are all breathing a sigh of relief.

April 19, 2015

Her Conscience Bothered Her

It was the middle of the night, about 1:30, when B came downstairs to our bedroom.  She was sobbing.  She managed to choke out that she left Sissy’s prized Adidas jacket at school…on a bench, she thought…and she didn’t bring it home.

I told her not to worry, that we’d figure it out on Monday.  “I’ll email Mrs. M,” I told her, and she will try to help you find it.

That temporarily settled her down, and she padded back upstairs.

It wasn’t five minutes before she was back.  “I don’t know what I’m going to do, Mommy,” she sobbed.  “It doesn’t have my name in it, and they give jackets without names to people who need them.”

I reassured her we’d do our best to track down the jacket on Monday.

But I just can’t sleep,” she cried.  “I’m so worried.”

I held her in my lap at the kitchen table.  She finally settled her sleepy body into mine, her long hair cascading over my arm.  I could feel her eventually relax, her sobbing turn into deep breaths, which finally turned to calm.

I cherished those moments.

Certainly a part of me was aggravated that she’d left her jacket unattended.  I worried, too, knowing that is one of A’s prized possessions.  (I was a little surprised A had let B wear it last week.)  And while it was agonizing to see B so upset, I was kinda proud, too…proud of her conscience…proud of her worry over making things right.

And of course, in that moment, I was so thankful to know that a cuddle from Mommy could quiet the fears and ease my baby back to sleep.
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