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April 6, 2014

Home, Sweet Home, Tuscaloosa!

So we just got back from our longest vacation to date...five nights and six days!  The girls did so, so well, and it was so refreshing for us all to get outta Dodge for a little while.

We left last Saturday morning, about 10 minutes after 8am, and I was really proud of starting out on schedule!  We drove to GG's house and enjoyed a wonderful lunch and some sweet family time, and then we headed to Tuscaloosa.  We have been looking forward to introducing the girls to The University of Alabama campus since before they were born.  We were so grateful for such a wonderful homecoming!

On the way to the Quad, the center of campus, we swung by the business building...HOME!

Unfortunately, Hubby didn't realize that he only captured half of Baby A's face in each of the pictures he took.  Sigh.  Guess we'll just have to go back!

The day was a little on the crisp side, but the trees and flowers were in bloom.  It was gorgeous!!!

My favorite picture!
 The girls loved hearing the bells at Denny Chimes.

And they stopped to smell lots and lots of flowers!

In front of the President's Mansion...

More flowers in front of the main library...

Love this close-up of B!
 And then we headed back to the car for one more stop...

A few months ago, my BFF emailed me a picture of a plaque on campus with Hubby's name, a credit for having started the women's soccer program.  When we pulled up in front of the newly constructed Champions Plaza, we had no idea how HUGE it would be!!!  WOW!!!

One more picture in Champions my Bama Belles!!!

A sweet close-up of Baby A!
We went to dinner at one of our old favorites, Cypress Inn, on the Warrior River.  The girls had their first taste of catfish...they loved it!

The following morning, we headed to breakfast at another favorite hang-out, the Waysider.  I remember the first time Janko took me there, after we'd been dating a few weeks.  It's a place we always revisit on every single trip, so it was really special to finally introduce the girls.  

B gave her breakfast an enthusiastic "two thumbs up"!
Before we packed up to head to New Orleans, our ultimate destination, we made one final stop at The University Club, where Mommy and Daddy got married.  WOW!!!

For a brief time, this building served as the state capitol of Alabama.
Fast-forward a few days, we stopped again in T-town on our way home from New Orleans.  We had a fantastic dinner at our then-favorite Mexican restaurant Wednesday night.  Thursday morning, we headed to downtown Northport, the next little town over, for breakfast at the famous City Cafe.  This place is such a dive...but it's THE BEST!!! 

This picture was taken on the block before the City Cafe.  I love the verbiage on the window..."Real Living"...yes, indeed!

Some of the posters on the walls date back more than 30 do the waitresses!

Heading out after an amazing breakfast...

And I couldn't resist taking pictures of a couple of signs.

Notice they open at 4am!!!
It was such a blessing to be back "HOME".  Pictures from New Orleans to come!