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November 8, 2016

Surprise and Delight

On Wednesday, I came home and the girls were working on their homework.  I encouraged them to do a good job, and I told them I had a surprise for them at bedtime.  They couldn’t contain their huge smiles, and they began to guess what it might be.  “Pajamas???”  “A night-night story???”  “A new Christmas CD???”

They went back to their homework, and then we enjoyed a nice supper…but they were a little more anxious than usual to head upstairs for the evening.  They really wanted to look around, to see if I’d hidden something.  [I hadn’t.]

Once everyone had donned their PJs, brushed their teeth, and straightened their beds, I ran downstairs to get the girls’ treat.  Sure enough, it was a new bedtime story, a Thanksgiving-themed one, A Turkey for Thanksgiving.

The girls piled up on either side of me, their attention even more rapt than usual.

(I couldn’t help but be thankful that the girls’ routine still includes me reading them a story every single night.  They’ve been capable of reading to themselves for two years now.  I know this won’t last forever, but I sure savor it.)

I began to read in my best animated voice.  Mrs. Moose asked Mr. Moose to find a turkey for their Thanksgiving meal.  He set out and was joined, page by page, by other animals as they hunted.

The girls were on the edge of their seats…peering intently over my shoulders…I could almost feel them wincing as the animals cornered the terrified turkey. 

Of course I knew the ending to the story…that the turkey was the honored guest at the Thanksgiving table, all the animals talking about the joy of sharing the holiday with friends.

And when the ending finally revealed itself, I relished the girls’ utter delight.

Surprising my baby girls…enjoying a new night-night story…appreciating them, appreciating the story…it was such a wonderful night.

November 2, 2016

...On Sharing

We don't eat much candy at our house, and the girls were wide-eyed at the huge haul they were bringing in on Halloween night.

(We only went to 12 or so houses, but the houses are far between and there weren't many kiddos, so everyone seemed to be extra-generous.)

At one point, B looked to me and said, "Mommy, we have so much candy.  I know what we can do for my birthday treat at school.  I can take my candy and each of my classmates can choose one or two pieces."

Her forethought and generosity wowed me.

And then, on Tuesday morning, the girls were going through some of their goodies.  They were talking about the different kinds of candy, what they were looking forward to trying...and which pieces they would give to their daddy.

"Daddy loves Reese's!" my A exclaimed.  "I'm going to give him those!"

Such sweet, thoughtful baby girls!!!

November 1, 2016

Insect Fascination

Since having kiddos, I have an entirely new appreciation for Halloween.  HOW FUN it is to see the littles in their costumes...I can barely stand the cuteness!!!

I'm really fortunate to date that the girls have been so amicable to my costume suggestions.  And thinking back over the past few years, I realize we had a bit of a fascination with INSECTS!

When they were two, ladybugs:

When they were three, butterflies:

And now, at seven, bumblebees:

(Seeing these pictures, I'm also reminded how much easier it is to get a picture with the girls standing still!!!  Hee hee!!!)

I have to admit that I'm already thinking about next year.  SPIDERS!  They're not insects...but pretty close!  :) :)