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December 4, 2010

Holiday Practicality versus the Lure of Reindeer and Snowflakes

I bought the girls’ first holiday-themed tees a couple of months ago. Although at the time I think they were still wearing shorts and most holiday thoughts were miles away, I just couldn’t resist the playful embroidered reindeer who’d inadvertently gotten a strand of lights tangled in their antlers.

And then I bought the girls’ holiday dresses. I really debated on getting the frou-frou dresses to doll up my doll babies for their Santa pictures. But in the end I chose a more “wearable” sweater dress with a traditional reindeer / snowflake pattern across the chest. I’m nothing if not practical, right?

So what business did I have even allowing myself to look at more holiday tees last week?

None, of course.

And I walked away once.

But then I came back.

There was something about these tiny little red mittens embroidered with silvery snowflakes that just spoke to me.

And then I had a little conversation with myself. No, the conversation wasn’t about how I needed to be frugal and responsible and think of the grocery budget and the girls’ college educations...

As I have on several occasions in the past, I told myself that the girls will only be this age once...that they will only celebrate their second Christmas this one time…and if it makes Mama happy to see them in yet another holiday tee, then so be it. I’ll just consider it a present to myself.

And what a great present it was! I was somehow able to snap this picture of the girls…both smiling, AND both looking at the camera!

I absolutely cannot resist my little snow bunnies…no matter what they’re wearing.


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Andrea said...

Love this picture! Too sweet! I have only bought Molly and Luke 1 Christmas shirt, but 2 pairs of pj's. One set they can wear now & one pair for Christmas morning. I know it is silly to spend money on clothes they only wear a few times, but I can't help myself. Like you.... I think they only have one 3rd Christmas. Plus they look so adorable in the festive wear! Have a great weekend!

Mandy said...

HOW ADORABLE!!! Although I must say they are growing up too fast! Frugal mama here is making christmas dresses, which I fear is a bit of a tradition I've started. Hopefully it won't last too long, I can't imagine fitting a teenager.... and I bought holiday shirts in JULY on clearance. I will feel totally justified when I buy christmas pj's since I have yet to buy any holiday wear during the holiday season!

I use the "their only this age once" line far too often, like yesterday when I skipped laundry and every other day when I put off chores. LOL!

Rebecca said...

Love love love it! We went for the t-shirts and have a plaid dress for Hailey and a red/gray sweater for Matt. That's as far as I've gone!

Krajcimama said...

How ADORABLE!!! I almost never go clothes shopping for the kids (or myself) because we are blessed to receive a lot of hand me downs and both sets of grandparents always seem to find the cutest things! :)

I will, however, shop for my little girl...there is something about little girl clothes that I can't resist, either! Good for you! The picture is totally worth it!

reanbean said...

Great photo! I don't know what it is about holiday tees that are so attractive. I bought a bunch (like 3-4 for each kid) last year in February on Kohl's clearance rack, and yet, I still looked at the holidays tees all nicely displayed at The Children's Shop a few weeks ago. I didn't buy any, but it was close. They're just so darn cute. :o)

Deanna said...

How cute are those little mitten shirts?! I don't blame you for getting them too. : )

I bought smocked bishop-style Christmas dresses last February on clearance for about $20 each. We have also picked up various holiday dresses at thrift stores and yard sales, and I am just now realizing that I should have started pulling them out before Thanksgiving to make sure they get to wear them all! Overboard much?

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

How do you stand the cuteness?!!!!