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December 2, 2010

Calm, Cool, and Collected

Maybe it was the overcast skies, the gentle rainfall…

…maybe it was the realization that kids need to be kids, and kids make messes…

…or maybe hubby slipped a little something into my oatmeal on Tuesday morning.

Whatever the case, I woke up with a rather uncharacteristic “roll with the punches / messes” attitude. Since it was a cold and rainy day, I decided to engage the girls in a certifiable Rainy Day Activity. The lure of that Norman Rockwell moment, coupled with my calm, cool, and collected outlook, led me to open up the craft drawer.

I pulled out not only paper and crayons…but stickers, markers, AND finger paints. And with the exception of the finger paints (which I monitored very closely…my happy pill wasn’t that strong), I let the girls go to town.

Baby A did a great job. She kept most of her scribbles on the paper, although I have yet to account for one of the stickers I gave her. (Could she have eaten it? Should I be checking her poo???)

Baby B kept wanting to look at the “live” end of the markers. That resulted not only in the purple coloration on her face, but in some pretty messed-up hands…and not nearly as many scribbles.

The girls had a blast, Mommy got some fun pictures, and I didn’t even sweat the mess.

Whether it was the rain or the happy pill that did it, I probably need to channel my Chilled-Out Mommy side more often. I think the girls like that side of me.


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Carrie said...

Sounds fun! You are right that it helps to have a go with the flow attitude when dealing with markers/paint. I also HAVE to have the situation controlled before we even start the craft. But it always ends up being fun. Plus, I like to color too! :)

Mandy said...

We just started to break the crayons out and I am always on the hunt for rainbow poop! They are always shoving the crayons in their mouth-EW!

Rebecca said...

This is awesome...long live happy pills!

reanbean said...

And you didn't even use bibs or smocks! That must have been some happy pill! :o)

My guys do a craft project every week at playgroup, and they love it. We have many of their creations decorating our kitchen, and I love to see their proud little faces when they point to one and say, "See? I made that!" They'll be getting some crafting tools and supplies for Christmas, so I suspect that our kitchen will soon double as an art studio too.

Happy crafting!

MultipleMum said...

Very accommodating of you! Well done! It could be the beginning of something sticky and messy!

MultipleMum said...

PS: Whoa Hoo on the Award nomination! Just voted for you :)

Anonymous said...

oh. and you probably already know this, but i just found out that they make washable crayons. i just put them on our christmas list ;)