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December 17, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Relative to Kentucky, we’ve had some winter weather over the past week. We enjoyed a beautiful snowfall on Saturday and Sunday…and an extra long, five-day “weekend”, as Daddy’s school was cancelled through Wednesday.

I know it won’t be so fun when Hubby has to make up those school days in the spring, but we enjoyed the surprise break…it was simply fabulous!

1) On Saturday morning before the snow rolled in, we ventured downtown to take in the Christmas decorations on the square. The girls wore their super-duper-fuzzy coats, and I captured this gem of my three favorite people:

2) Since the weather has gotten colder, we’ve been walking some days at the mall (and yes, I’m the youngest person there by oh, about 40 years!). We kept passing a display of super-duper-fuzzy blankets, and I told the girls that our cat Sasha would probably like one of those blankets for Christmas. Baby B made that her mission. For two weeks, she’s been saying, “Buy Sasha blanket…mall!” We finally fulfilled her wish this week, selecting the perfect present for the girls’ furry sister. And now if the girls can only keep the secret until the 25th…

3) Overheard: Baby A, talking very seriously to her stuffed dog, petting his head and saying, “It’s OK, puppy doggy. It’s OK.

4) I was talking to Baby B as I gave her a bath. “You’re a pretty girl, and sissy is a pretty girl, and Sasha [our cat] is a pretty girl.” She said, “Mommy, pretty girl,” and I just melted. Then she said, “Daddy, pretty girl,” and I just cackled.

5) After I brush the girls’ teeth and wash their faces at night, I put some moisturizer on their faces. I’ve started putting some Aquafor on their lips, which for some reason they love. They both remind me of their “Wips!” and then they rub their little lips together like little ladies. I can hardly stand the cuteness.


Anonymous said...

lol. we've started a teeth brushing routine, too! the kids just keep saying, "more"!! they want to have the cleanest teeth around, apparently!

hmmm....aquafor for lips? i might have to try that is they LOVE watching me put on chapstick and they want something for their lips, too.

CUTE pic, btw :)

Beth said...

As always, your girls melt my heart! I love that baby B was so invested in Sasha's gift-- adorable!

reanbean said...

I am so jealous that you guys had enough snow to cancel school (which probably isn't a ton considering you're southerners ;o) ), and we haven't had anything more than an overnight dusting that was gone by 10am. Not that I'm looking forward to dealing with snow, but the kids are dying to put on their snowsuits and get in some playtime it the powdery white stuff. We're constantly reading The Snowy Day (one of my childhood favorites), and every morning they rush to the windows to see if it may have snowed overnight. We're supposed to finally get some snow this weekend. But they're making it sound like it could be a pretty big storm. I just want a good 4 or 5 inches. Any more than that is too much for me.

Glad to hear you had another fabulous week!

Tracy said...

The girls are ADORABLE in their fuzzy coats!!! Hhhhmmm aquafor for lips. I'll have to look into that. We do chapstick, but they all suffer chapped lips throughout the winter.

Rebecca said...

You're a mall walker??? I love it!

The "wips" thing is adorable. A while back, Matt had really dry skin on his feet which we had to lotion every night. Now it's one of his bedtime excuses and when we actually respond to his "I need lotion now," he'll lay flat on his back and stick his feet right in the air. I still oblige.

Andrea said...

Love the white fuzzy coats and the girls look adorable in them! Such a good week sum up!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I also cackled :)

V has taught Kendra to put a dab of Vaseline on her lips - she looks so precious when she does it but about 10!