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December 27, 2010

The Elusive Perfect Picture...At Last!

Last year, the girls’ first Christmas, I took approximately 538 photos. (I have no idea how many photos I actually took, but that’s probably not too far from the truth.)

When I finally sorted through all of them, I arrived at two favorites…ones that I think capture the essence of our precious babies’ sweetness at the tender age of 11 ½ months old.

This Christmas, those iconic pictures were top of mind, and I hoped to again capture a magical moment that would encapsulate just this year.

As much as I wanted to get a picture of the girls and their brand new kitchen, the perfect shot was not to be…and I knew it would not be wise to pull them away from their cooking frenzy to try to get a picture in front of the tree.

So I waited…patiently…that is, as patiently as a mama can wait, who is anxious to compare last year’s pictures to this year’s.

On the morning after Christmas, I dressed the girls in their second set of holiday t-shirts (I knew those would come in handy!), just hoping that that would be the day.

By that evening, I could stand it no longer. I told the girls we had another surprise for them under the tree.

At first they were apprehensive to leave their kitchen. We sat them down in the living room and gave them each a present. They impatiently said, “Help, please!” right away. With a little assistance with the initial tear, though, the kitchen was momentarily forgotten, and the girls ripped into their gifts.

And at long last, my patience paid off. I captured the Elusive Perfect Picture.

I just love the sweet concentration on Baby A’s face, and the awe on B’s face at what her sister unearthed.

And then, they were off! Back to the kitchen…to cook in our tutus! Our plastic corn and cheese may be burning in the oven as we speak!

I don’t have a tally on this year’s picture count, but I’m guessing it’s in the 500-range as well. And the holiday week is not yet over. While we’re out of holiday t-shirts, there are still red and green cookies to be eaten. Must.capture.icing-covered.faces!


Tracy said...

How adorable are they???? Just too cute!!!! We have this same kitchen and it's been played with for years now... they still love it!!!

Deanna said...

Love it!! Both years' pictures are great, and I can totally see how they capture the essence of Christmas at that time in their lives.

And how cute are they in those tutus?? : )

Quadmama said...

I love the tutus! Your girls and my girls would definitely get along... their favorite play things are dress up clothes and their play kitchen.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the second pic on your post of them last year - my word, the sweetest babies ever!

And I also love baby B's open little mouth - PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

super cute pics. and OMG their hair grew a lot in one year!!! :)

Andrea said... very sweet! I love when I can capture pictures like that. It may take an extra 300 clicks before I get it, but it is so totally worth it! The tutu's are darling on.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

So cute! I want a girl! I'm always impressed with the moms who take the time to get certain pictures, I never feel organized enough to get it done. We usually take a family Christmas pic in our church at Christmas Eve Mass, but this year it was impossible to get it done, Lboy cried all through we left. :/