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December 21, 2010

A Break in Tradition to Accommodate My "Elves"

This Saturday marked the seventh annual shopping trip with my BFF Shanda, also known as “Auntie” Shanda.

After a couple of years, we had our routine down pat…

Breakfast at my house. Eat off Christmas plates and drink coffee with ample creamer from glass coffee mugs.

I drive on the even years, Shanda on the odd.

The passenger buys lunch, and the driver buys afternoon coffee.

And always, throughout the entire day, there is lots and lots of Christmas music.

We adopted “The Christmas Waltz” – the Harry Connick, Jr. version – as our anthem. Throughout the year, at random, Shanda and I will send each other an email with an opening line from this song. Just the mention of “frosted windowpanes” – even in the mid-July heat – brings a smile to our faces as we mentally transport ourselves ahead a few months.

While all went as clockwork those first few years, the last three years we’ve had to make some adjustments due to my “elves”.

In 2008, I was hugely pregnant by the first of December. We altered our plans slightly to a shorter trek…one that included an hour or so finishing up my registry at Babies R Us. But we still managed lots of good food (some of us, more than others), hot chocolate (instead of coffee), and much singing.

In 2009, the girls were 11 months old. We were determined to carry on the tradition, even with two little "elves" in tow. We still ate well and drank well, and sang lots of Christmas carols (along with some nursery rhymes), although we probably didn’t log the distance in the mall…but we did enjoy stashing our packages under the stroller.

This year, we changed things up yet again, going shopping on a Saturday afternoon so the "elves" could rest at home with Daddy Clause.

We had an abbreviated day, starting with lunch, instead of breakfast. We still had some great eats, great coffee, and got in a little shopping…and this year incorporated a pedicure into the mix.

(That's A and B admiring our matching red sparkle polish -- "Smitten with Mittens" -- in case you're wondering!)

And we came home to four outstretched arms, the sweetest little voices saying, “Miss you, Mommy” in stereo; and later, choruses of “Pretty piggy toes” over and over.

We've had to break with tradition just a bit to accommodate the "elves", but we still managed to record lots of great times over the last three years...

...and maybe in a few more years, the "elves" might join us, at least for a portion of the festivities. I'm sure they'll enjoy some red sparkle polish of their own one of these years!


Julia said...

What a fun tradition! My bestie and I love to get out for "pretty piggy toes" too! I never cease to be amazed at how the addition of the girls has changed my life. It's so fun to watch my life evolve, and I too am excited for when the girls will be able to join in (on some things).

reanbean said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had such a nice time even with the plans being further altered. I need to find ways to log in more time with just the girls.

Great photo at the end, too. Truly a best friends forever kind of pose. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

i think that a pedi should be added every year :) somehow that just seems to make everything better, you know?

Anonymous said...

:) :) :) I LOVE you, Friend!!! And I love how we've evolved our tradition. Of course, some things will never change - noting our innate tendencies of dressing similarly - LOL! Just gotta figure out how to get more Christmas music... ;)

Anonymous said...

PS: I love frosted windowpanes... candles gleaming inside. Painted candy canes on the tree ;-)

MultipleMum said...

Sounds like lots of fun was had by all. Love the toes (and A&Bs description!). Good ol' Auntie Shanda for being so accommodating :)

Andrea said...

Very sweet indeed! :) Love the picture at the end!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the toes and the pic at the end.

Sounds fabulous - oh, I want a bf again :) (a b girl friend )

Rebecca said...

Such fun! I need an Auntit Shandi (and a pedicure, dammit)!!!

Christina said...

I'm with Rebecca...I need both also! :)