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December 24, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Although it’s seemed rather “pedal to the metal”, this has truly been a fabulous week leading up to Christmas! We’ve enjoyed having Daddy home for the holiday vacation, and – in addition to our usual fun and games – we’ve had a great time with our holiday preparations.

1) I’ve been amazed how well the girls have taken turns with switching on the lights on the tree each morning. We talk about it throughout the day. Baby A will say, for example, "[Baby a] turn tree on...morning. [Baby B] turn tree on…’morrow. [Baby A] watch.” The non-turner-on-er has been content to watch from the sidelines, and clap for her sister doing such a great job. Knock on wood, we have yet to have a fuss!

2) This week we discovered the great fun of a blanket sleigh ride around the den. The girls LOVE to be pulled around…over and over and over. Then they’ll try to pull each other (to no avail), and their baby dolls and stuffed dogs (to occasional avail).

3) The girls had more blanket fun this week…I observed them working together several times to lay the blanket completely flat on the floor. I was amazed at their teamwork!

4) We were listening to a Christmas CD by the country group “Alabama”. “Christmas in Dixie” is one of my all-time favorite holiday songs…it’s just not December in my book without it. My heart melted when, out of the blue, the girls started saying, “Merry Christmas Dixie!

5) After numerous hours spent making candy over the course of a couple of days, we were finally ready to deliver our goodies to our neighbors. We dressed the girls in their fluffy white coats and made the rounds. I was hoping they’d be up to accompanying me on “Jingle Bells”, but we did at least get “Merry Christmas” from both of them.

From the House of A and B...wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday!


Rebecca said...

Now I want to see these fluffy white coats! Pictures please!!!!

Anonymous said...

:) love the idea of them working together!! what i would have given to have a partner in crime, lol.

and isn't it funny what they get soooo concerned about? a perfectly flat blanket, for example. :)