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June 7, 2010

The Beauty of Technology

Since the day the girls were born, their great-great aunt has kept extremely close tabs on them. I call her a couple of times a day, everyday, and relay to her what they're doing.

No detail goes unnoticed...what they had for breakfast, what they're wearing, how much they weighed at bathtime, who said what and name it, and she knows it. Apart from Mommy and Daddy, she's hands-down their biggest fan.

Because we live about 250 miles from her, we don't get to see Aunt GG as often as we'd like. Outside of our visits every few months, she has had to rely on my daily phone calls and the pictures I send her once a month to "see" the girls in action.

Until now...

Aunt GG just bought her first computer, expressly so she can see pictures of her great-great nieces in "real time".

Ain't technology great?! And that just Makes My Monday!

Playing along again with Cheryl at Twinfatuation! :)


Quadmama said...

Are you using a specific "real time" program or just emailing pictures? We have relatives who want to video chat with the girls, but I have no idea where to start.

Christina said...

What are you using? I use Skype when I talk to my brother, its a great, easy, free service!! That's great she can "see" them now!

Cheryl Lage said...

Hooray for GG! :) Love that she will embrace new tech in order to stay updated with her adorable nieces! :)

She---and you---and those little darlings--Make My Monday. Thank you so much for playing along!

The Mommy said...

Lovely!! How fun for everyone:)

Sadia said...

How wonderful! We set Lucas' Grandma up with Skype, but she's not on often (or ever, since the first day my MIL got her online).

Sonora said...

Technology really is wonderful and amazing. I love that she bought a computer so she could see them in "real time". They are lucky to have such a wonderful aunt.

reanbean said...

It's tough to live so far from family.We don't get back to my hometown nearly enough. If it weren't for phone calls, emails, and blogs, my family would hardly know my kids at all.