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June 9, 2010

The World's Game at Home

Hubby was very supportive during my pregnancy, but he deferred any and all major decisions to me. I researched and chose every piece of baby equipment and layette item, from the cribs, to the car seats, to the bottle warmers. Hubby was very kind to accompany me to set up our registry, and to load and unload the car after the baby shower, but he didn’t seem very vested in any of the babies’ “stuff”.

Hubby made only one contribution to the entire layette. As we made our final trip to take care of any outstanding items from our registry, he wandered off, and then came back to find me with two plush soccer balls. They jingle when shaken, and they are embroidered with “My First Soccer Ball”. I thought they were priced ridiculously high, but he was so proud of himself…and I was proud of his pride…so of course we brought them home.

We both agreed many years ago that we would not be ones to push our children in any one direction. We would expose them to different experiences, and allow them to develop their own passions.

Secretly, I really hope that the girls will take an interest in music. I play a wide variety of different musical genres at home, and we sing and dance. I know Hubby feels the same way about soccer. He eats, lives, and breathes it -- it is his true passion.

At 17 months old, the girls don’t watch TV, so Hubby won’t be sharing in any of the World Cup madness with them just yet. He’s already plotting the 2014 Cup, though, when he hopes they’ll be alternately snuggling with him on the sofa, juggling a ball in the den, and enjoying “the world’s game” together.

Maybe that daddy-daughter time will make up for the formative month he’s sure to miss from June 11 – July 11 this year, when Hubby will no-doubt be tethered to the sofa upstairs, watching The Cup.

In the meantime, he takes every opportunity to make sure we’re getting our money out of those plush soccer balls.

Six weeks old:

Four months old:

Ten months old:Thirteen months old (with a ball that actually bounces):



Mandibula said...

Thanks for the comments!

You guys would fit in wonderfully here! DH is a music teacher and I am the sports junkie! He is very adamant about not forcing them into anything, although he does constantly comment about Claire's perfect oboe ambusher. Maybe they can play tyke soccer just to get a feel next year??

Natalie said...

Ah, your hubby looks so proud with his girls!! My hubby bought our son a football when he was a baby, but so far, no sports equipment for the girls...but he did buy them some baby blankets! He is so different with the girls than with our son - I think it's interesting to see the differences.

Thanks for swinging by my blog - glad we found each other!! My girls are 9 months and just starting to pull themselves up and get around. I don't know if I'm dreading or looking forward to them walking/running in two different directions!

Quadmama said...

Those soccer balls are pretty darn cute. I think it's great that your husband shares his passion with your daughters. My husband is the one to build magnificent Lego towers with my girls or have them hand him the screwdriver when he's fixing things. I think it's great when dad's are involved and provide a different routine than mom.

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Cute! My hubs and I are both fans of country music, but he is a die hard fan. So - we already have two little pink pairs of cowgirl boots just waiting for the girls. Dads can be so funny about stuff like this. Your girls are so cute and I enjoy following your blog!

reanbean said...

You already know that we're completely on the same wavelength as you guys on this one. I'm music, he's sports, lots of music and books at our house, no TV yet, and so on...

I was also the one to research and register for all the baby gear. But when T came back from Target one day with a baby swing that was not on our registry, but that he thought we just had to have, there was no way I could say no. And it's still the same way. He rarely voices any opinion when I talk about Christmas and birthday presents for the kids, so when he comes home with a toy that I wouldn't have looked at twice, I don't make any objections. It happens so rarely, and usually the kids end up loving it. :o)

Love the 10 mo. photo with the ball! What a cute expression!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How sweet! I love when PJ picks out something for the girls - it makes me smile! Love it!