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June 23, 2010

Adventures in Water

The very first time we gave the girls a bath at home, our normally chilled-out Baby A was a fusspot, whereas Baby B seemed to rather enjoy herself (as much as a two-week old infant can enjoy herself, that is). It’s so interesting to see how that one aspect of their personalities – unlike almost anything else – has remained pretty consistent over time.

Aside from a couple of pee-pee / poo-poo incidents over the past 17 months, bathtime has become pretty predictable at our house.

Baby A is content to take her bath…as long as Mommy doesn’t get water in her eyes. Unfortunately, getting water in Baby A’s eyes seems almost unavoidable, as she’s so darn squirmy! But as long as I keep a towel close by to dry her face after any contact with water, all is well with her world.

Baby A, standing up to have as little contact with the bath water as possible.

I think Baby B may have been a fish in a former life. She loves the bath. She gets all giggly as she’s getting in, and I think she would sit and play for an hour if she could. And not that I don’t try to avoid getting water in her eyes, but if and when I do, she hardly even blinks. She maintains a big smile on her face, soap suds and all.

Baby B, as happy as a turtle in mud.

I wondered if the girls’ bathtime behavior would be an indication of how they would respond to the kiddie pool we bought last week. And sure enough, it was.

I got in the pool with the girls. Baby B sat down almost immediately, giggling and ready to play. Baby A clung pretty tightly to me. I told her to sit down, and she would squat (sweetly following directions), but she never got her backside too close to the water. I sat her down in my lap a couple of times, but she just popped right back up. She was content to walk around the pool and play with the water toys, but I think she would have been just as content to play with those same toys on the comfort of dry land.

Nonetheless, this was such a fun adventure. And if nothing else, I couldn’t get enough of the girls in their swimsuits. :)

We’ll try again in a couple of days, and I hope Baby A will eventually grow some sea legs.


Rebecca said...

Those suits are so adorable!!!!! I love it! She'll come around!

Mandy said...

I love those bathing suits! Love them! I hope she enjoys the water. The girls are split as well when it comes to the pool but both are fine with the bath tub. We have an actual pool and they are just so cute in their floaties!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

She will learn to love in no time. Sweet pictures!

Sadia said...

How interesting! Both my girls laugh bath time, love water play, and beg for us to put the plastic pool in yard, but Melody panics in the swimming pool.

Sonora said...

It is so funny how different kids are when it comes to water. I'm sure she will learn to relax around water in time. They are so so cute!

Anonymous said...

lol. my kids are like that, too. one definitely enjoys the bath more than the other! we've only attempted the pool and lake once...can't wait to see how their water personalities develop. super cute pics, btw!

reanbean said...

Both my kids love baths, but last summer (when they were 15-18 months) the baby pool at my in-laws pool club, was a different story. They would only walk around in the water, but wouldn't sit down in it. By the end of summer, Buba would allow us to put him on his belly on a kick board and pull him around the water, but Tiny wanted no part of it. We haven't been to the pool yet this summer, but I'm really curious to see how it will go this time. They keep talking about going to the "cool", so I'm hopeful that this summer the pool experience will be more fun.