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June 5, 2010

A Few of My Faves

I received the Trendy Blogger Award from The Mommy of Twenty Little Toes blog. (Her twin boys are close to our girls’ age; they are just precious, and she captures them in the.most.beautiful. photographs). Thank you so much for thinking of me! I always appreciate your encouraging comments.

I have to admit that I don’t feel very “trendy”…I feel like I’ve been in my little bubble so long that I can barely distinguish between black and navy...but thankfully the girls don’t seem to mind.

The stipulation of the award is that I now have to pass it on to ten other bloggers whom I think are “trendy”…and they in turn should pass it along from there.

I know not everyone likes to participate in passing these torches, and I don’t exactly know what “trendy” means in the context of a blog…but I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight a few of my favorite blogs and bloggers*. (These are in alphabetical order by blog title [including articles]…not that I’m anal-retentive or anything…)

Amanda of Ditt and Dott: Raising Twins and The Frickin Chicken. I love seeing the wonderful activities she engages in with her daughters. AND she’s a very inspired cook, too!

Sadia of Double the Fun. I really admire her parenting style, and I love reading her analysis of certain parenting situations. I almost always learn something when I read her blog, and I try to tuck it away for when I face similar situations with our girls in the future. And her transcriptions of her girls’ conversations are priceless.

Apok of Knee Deep in Kids (the one daddy blogger on my list). He doesn’t post very regularly, but his posts are worth the wait. They are laugh-out-loud funny, particularly for those of us with a little twist to our sense of humor, and most are dead-on with respect to parenting conundrums.

Reanbean of On Matters of Motherhood (and Life in General). I really admire her parenting style as well. Like with Sadia’s blog, I always feel like I learn something from her posts. I love that she values reading to her kids and singing and music. And I’ve really enjoyed corresponding with her on a couple of topics, from kitty cats, to laundry stains, to book lists.

Christina of Our Life with Multiples. I admire her honesty. One day she’ll talk about the really tough challenges of being a mom…and the next day she’ll talk about what an awesome day she had at the park with her girlies. At least for me, that’s such an accurate representation of life with kiddos. (And who wouldn’t smile at seeing the picture of her girls playing in the sprinkler?!)

Joye of The Joyeful Journey. I don’t “know” Joye very well, but she has such a beautiful blog. There’s something about her amazing pictures, and even the refreshing font, that just makes me want to smile. Joye seems to be such a beautiful person and a wonderful mom, and it really shows in every aspect of her blog.

Nicole of The Stephens Family Blog (the one non-twin mom on my list). Nicole is a dear friend from elementary and middle school, although we’d lost touch with each other over the past 20 (gasp!) years. We reconnected about a year ago on Facebook, and her blog was one of the ones that inspired me to start my own blog. She is such a smart, cool, resourceful mom. I just love seeing all the effort she puts into doing fun projects and creating meaningful experiences for her girls.

Sonora of To Twinfinity and Beyond. She writes about her kids’ adventures, and her thoughts and feelings, and she does it in a very beautiful writing style. She’s got a lot on her plate with having four children ages five and under, but she seems to manage it with a lot of fun, grace, and reflection.

Cheryl of Twinfatuation. Her twins are probably the oldest set that I follow on my blog list. She hosts several memes, and there’s always something different to read. I find her blog entertaining, but also very heartfelt. Her kindness emanates from her posts and her comments.

Megan of Twinsomnia. She had me at her tagline, “Musings of a Mom Who Should Really Be Sleeping”. That’s certainly how I’d describe myself as I sit in front of my computer until way too late most evenings! I love her entertaining takes on the trials and tribulations of parenthood…and she does it while holding down a job…and she manages to comment on so many other blogs. I don’t know how she does it – maybe she really doesn’t sleep?!

Missy of Two Little Monkeys. I just “met” Missy through the Multiples & More blog network, and then I learned that she lives practically next door to where I grew up…what a small world! I really enjoy seeing the fun things her girls say and do. And I can’t wait to share stories with her during football season! (Roll Tide!!!)

Rebecca of Unexplained X2. Her straight-up take on what her kiddos are doing is another guaranteed laugh. She’s such a “real” mom, and her candidness just cracks me up. She writes things that I think in my head, but won’t put on my blog, lest my 81-year old great aunt or my little cousin happen to be reading. :)

Mohini of What My Kids Are Eating. She takes feeding her children a vast variety of healthy foods very seriously. I love to peek inside her cupboard (complete with pictures!) to see what she’s cooked up…and she is very candid about how her children reacted to the introduction of a new food. Thanks to Mohini I’ve gotten several new ideas for our girls. I've really enjoyed our foodie correspondence...and she’s offered to send me a lentil stew recipe! I can’t wait to try it out.

Oops…that’s 13 of my faves! (I can still alphabetize, but apparently counting, along with color identification, is no longer a strong suit. I could have easily listed more blogs, but I thought I’d stop before someone takes it upon themselves to send me an elementary math workbook to complete over summer vacation.)

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out some of the sites I frequent…and meet some of the moms (and one dad!) who inspire me, and make me laugh, and remind me that I’m not alone in this crazy, wonderful world of mommyhood.

*You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t officially “accept” this award and pass it on…I know I’m living on the edge here by breaking the rules…but I just wanted to say thanks for keeping me from spending too much time on Facebook.


Christina said...

Your so very sweet...thank you. :)
Do you think I'm to honest? If I ever come across as bitching, please tell me. ;)

The Mommy said...

I love love love most of the bloggers you chose to pass on the award to. The great thing about these things are that you discover so many new blogs and get a chance to *shout out* to those you love!

I look at your profile picture and I see you being trendy for just being a mom to two at a time :)

cat said...

Some great blogs to explore! Thanks for your comment - come peep in again, I will certainly keep showing some World cup madness

reanbean said...

Thanks so much for passing the award along to me! I'm still 3 or 4 posts behind on you blog, but hopefully will catch up this week. And now I have several new blogs to check out too! :o)

Amy said...

I am checking in from reanbean's blog. I'll have to check out some of the blogs you mentioned. I love reading new blogs especially those from MOTs.

Rebecca said...

Thank you!!!!! Those blogs are so great...

BTW, my father reads my blog and keeps discouraging me from sending my grandmother the link...wonder why!

Sadia said...

You are too sweet! I'll have to start reading your recommendations.

(But, um, didn't you mean Megan of Twinsomnia?)

Megan said...

Thank you SO MUCH Mandy!! And I don't mind at all being confused with Cheryl, she's rad. :-)

And now I'm to do some more reading, since it's clear you have EXCELLENT taste in blogs. ;-)

Sonora said...

Thank you so much for the award and for what you said about me. That was really such a wonderful compliment. Thank you thank you!! I'll have to check out the other blogs.