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June 19, 2010

My Little Yogis

One of my dear friends is hosting "Playground Yoga in the Park" this summer. (It's an awesome community outreach project she dreamed's free, with donations accepted for the local Kiwanis chapter.)

The girls and I participated in her beta class a few weeks ago.
(We're on the far left-hand side.)

While the girls really enjoyed being outside and seeing the other kids, I really thought they were a little young...or at least a little young for me to wrangle them both myself.
But look what I caught Baby A doing...

...a near-perfect Downward Dog.
Yeah, the zen in our house is pretty high.


MultipleMum said...

That is too cute! I do Yoga with my 2 older boys and the babies watch, but I haven't tried them in our at-home class yet. You have inspired me to give it a go.

BTW our twins are almost the same age (judging by your ticker)but mine are B/G. It is lots of fun hey!

The Mommy said...

That picture is adorable:) That sounds like a lot of fun!