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June 17, 2010

A Busy Couple of Weeks Ahead...

I guess last year I was still lost in the haze of having a couple of sweet little infants, as I don't think I realized what a busy time the end of June / beginning of July is for our family...

Hubby and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary with dinner out on Friday night (after the kiddos are in bed, sleeping soundly with the "house sitter").

Sunday is Father's Day.

The following Sunday is our Mothers of Multiples picnic (and I'm in charge of the food shopping).

Then we'll celebrate the girls' "1/2 birthday" (when they'll be 18 months old) on July 5th.

And Hubby's birthday is July 8th. (We also celebrate the cat's birthday then, too, but she's pretty easy to please.)

Once upon a time, we might have taken a trip somewhere - say hopped aboard a jet plane for a long weekend in New Orleans - to celebrate our anniversary. And we might have spent the day shopping and eating in Nashville for Hubby's birthday.

These days, both our budget and our time are much more limited, so - with the exception of our dinner out - we'll be doing most of our celebrating at home.

The fun part is that I'll get to cook up some yummy creations to mark each occasion.

The challenging part is that I'll be cooking up a lot of creations over the course of a couple of weeks...and I'll probably need a diet detox come mid-July.

But that's OK. I've already bookmarked the pages of my cookbooks, and I'm ready for some heavy-duty baking, basting, and roasting. Bon appetit to us!

(Do you think it's too much to ask Hubby to clean up the kitchen on his birthday???)


The Mommy said...

That is a full packed month!! How exciting though:)
I think you can spare your hubby on his birthday:) But, it also depends on whether he doesn't mind doing it or treats it like a chore.

Natalie said...

So much fun!! I love when your life goes from routine to crazy (for a little while anyways!). And I bet hubby wouldn't mind helping out since he'll be getting spoiled for his efforts ;)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Sounds like a blast. Much to look forward to. I love those kind of weeks! Enjoy!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Too funny! Wow, that is a busy month. July is a busy month for us too with a few birthdays too. Can not wait to July!

Megan said...

Happy Anniversary! Have fun tonight!