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June 18, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Another fabulous* week at A&B Enterprises...

1) NO MORE BOTTLES!!! The girls completely transitioned to sippy cups - including their nightcap - this week. Oh, sweet freedom from washing bottles...and sweet cabinet space...and sweet counter space (less the bottle warmers)!!!

2) The girls enjoyed their first taste of watermelon this week. And I got a kick out of them signing "ball" and yelling "bah!" when I pulled it out of the refrigerator. :)

3) The girls rediscovered the art of crawling, and for some reason, they think it's hilarious. One will crawl around, chasing the other, and they both laugh hysterically.

4) The girls' new favorite book is The Barnyard Dance, by Sandra Boynton. They can name / sign all the animals, and they get their groove-thang going when I sing the words.

5) The girls enjoyed their first foray into finger painting. It was a small foray for a Father's Day project (shhh...don't tell Daddy!), but it was a fun glimpse at something I know they're going to love in a few months.

*A + B = C, where C > fabulous.
(I just happened to write this while wearing an old Math Team t-shirt. I can almost feel my Algebra teacher shudder...)


Liz said...

It must be nice to be done with the bottles! Can you tell me how you began the transition from bottle to sippy cup? I'm still working on it with my boys.
BTW...thanks for all your helpful advice on feeding tips you left on my blog- really good stuff and I'm gonna start trying your ideas.

Megan said...

Yay for no more bottles!!! I swear, I think life started to get exponentially easier once we were done with the bottles. (Look, I threw a little math in there for you, too.) :-)

reanbean said...

Sound like another great week! We need to try to be more artsy around here. I know my kids would love to finger paint, color, and do little craft projects, but we just don't have a good space for it. I'll have to work on that this summer. :o)

Rebecca said...

Yay for sippy cups!!! Your life is going to be so much easier now!!!

Anonymous said...

we love the barnyard dance. i swear i have the whole thing memorized, lol. be done with bottles...can't wait!

northsidefour said...

I love that you take note of all these milestones, mine are lost somewhere in the past five years. And I am terrified of finger paint, good luck!