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May 14, 2011

Outdoor Semantics

Remember the line from the deodorant commercial, "Most women perspire. I sweat!"???

I've always counted myself in the "sweaty" camp...

...but, at least at 28 months old, I'd dare say my girls "glisten". :) :)

But how on earth did my BABIES get big enough to reach for a (low-hanging) tree branch???

I certainly don't know...but I'm enjoying tagging along for the ride. I am so thankful for warm, sunny days and beautiful, healthy girls!!!


Julia said...

What lovlies! You are so blessed, Mandy!

Christina said...

I sweat like a boy lol! ;) Its pretty gross, I can literally wring my hair out after I workout.
Girlies are so cute!! I love that picture of them reaching the tree. =)

Holly G said...

How sweet! I love that last photo! That's definitely one worth framing. :)

Andrea said...

Right there with you in the sweating department!!! :(

Awww......could your girls be any sweeter?!?!

Unknown said...

My kids all get bright red (like me) when they get hot! Jacob is one hot boy too - you can ring his hair out when he's sweaty! He just got his first really short hair cut this week and I know he'll like it for summer!

Mandy said...

I blame the ladies for my new sweating capabilities! I was never this hot and sweat before! It's all the time!

They are getting so big and looking so mature! And dare I say it, they are starting to look a little less fraternal!?! I love the sun kissed look. I love seeing babies with rosy cheeks, it's too cute!

Denise said...

What cute girls you have! I saw you on Multiples and More. I had to come check out your blog. I am an identical twin myself so I will enjoy reading the posts from a mother's perspective. I hope you will return the favor