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May 23, 2011

A Bit About Me, May Edition's the 23rd of the month again...time for me to open the vault and share a couple of random tidbits!

19) I love cats.

I love dogs, too, having grown up with both, but Hubby and I count as our first-born two wonderfully furry kitty cats. The hubs and I were married almost 10 years before the girls were born, and I am pretty sure that a few members of my friends and family were secretly worried that I would turn into a Crazy Cat Lady…amassing hundreds of felines into my old age and willing them all my worldly possessions. I could almost swear I heard a sigh of relief from certain people when we announced we were expecting non-furry children.

20) I drink coffee every day, but I am far from a connoisseur.

I drink my joe with plenty of milk and sugar, or better yet – flavored creamer. I actually think I am more in love with the “coffee experience” than the actual beverage. I love sitting back with a steaming mug of coffee in the mornings, and one of my favorite “me” times is a trip to the coffee shop. I think it’s cool that some people consider coffee like wine, commenting on the “undertones” and “optimal pairings”…but that’s not me. A good ol’ chocolate chip cookie goes perfectly with anything in my pantry.

Tune in on the 23rd of every month, leading up to my next birthday on February 23rd, for more randomness!


championm2000 said...

I am with you--coffee is coffee and I love it with just about anything! When I was teaching, I learned to drink it black (you take whatever is in the lounge). So, now, when I add creamer, it's like a forbidden luxury!

Andrea said...

We are actually pet free for the first time as a married couple! I am working on hubby to get another cat. Hoping to have him talked into it by Valentines next year!! I want a white flat face cat that doesn't shed!! If you ask Molly she wants a pink one, so I keep telling her it will have a pink nose! :)

I am not a coffee drinker, but love the smell of it!!

Christina said...

I love cats too, although I'm highly allergic lol. We have our kitty who we rescued a few winters ago from our old house, and we just can't part with her, she's family now. I hope to get a dog someday, but after losing Soldier...not ready even a year later.
I drink coffee everyday too....but I also drink wine everyday. ;)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

That's funny b/c my hubby calls me the "crazy dog lady" and the truth is - he's right! Love learning about you!

reanbean said...

I love cats too (and we are definitely not dog people)! But I often feel so bad about the neglect (from T and I) and abuse (from the kids) that our poor little Pokey has had to endure since the kiddos came along. It's definitely gotten better this past year. I feel like Pokey and I do share some quiet moments together here and there, and the kids are learning to be more gentle (though they're so sweet to her one minute and then chasing her back to our bedroom the next). Hopefully Pokey can forgive us.

Random side story- During my pregnancy, I was so worried about what would happen if either of our kids had a major cat allergy. I colleague mentioned that we'd just have to find Pokey a nice, loving home, but I should couldn't imagine us parting ways. One afternoon, I fell asleep on the couch and dreamt that I birthed two little kittens instead of twin human babies. We all curled up together, Pokey too, and were so very, very happy. It's one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had, but it also makes me smile every time I think of it.

Unknown said...

Totally with you on the coffee thing. I drink coffee almost every day but it can't really taste like coffee - ha! flavored creamer is a must!

NOT with you on the cat thing though. ha! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i can't drink plain coffee without my french vanilla creamer :)