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May 19, 2011

I Admit It.

My name is MandyE, and I have a foot fetish.

A few weeks before the girls were born, one of our neighbors told me, “I just can’t wait to kiss their little feet. I love baby feet!

Hmmm. By that point in my pregnancy, I’d heard all manner of strange things. I just nodded politely and thought, “That’s a little different.

The girls were born, and I marveled over every nook and cranny, including their twenty tiny fingers and twenty tiny toes.

It wasn’t until they were a few weeks old that I remembered what my neighbor had said. Sleep deprived, house bound, and looking for motivation, I decided to give baby foot-kissing a try.

I was hooked.

There was definitely something about those teeny tiny feet…so soft and innocent…and those itty bitty toes… so wiry and new.

I remember inviting my husband to kiss the bottom of the girls’ feet one time. He looked at me like I was crazy…but I know he just didn’t realize what he was missing.

My guess is that most folks with such inclinations probably quit kissing their children’s feet when they’re old enough to walk, and get said feet dirty.

Certainly I have cut back on this activity, but I still indulge with a few little smooches immediately after bathtime.

It occurred to me yesterday that, while the frequency of my foot kisses has diminished considerably, I have found an alternate way to get a little “foot fix”. I was carrying Baby A on my right hip, and I realized I was playing with her dangling toes with my left hand.

The girls’ feet aren’t exactly teeny tiny anymore, but they still have the sweetest little wiry toes. And I can’t resist wrapping my fingers around them when I get the chance.

And then it occurred to me that one day, the girls will be older, and having their mom play with their toes might not be so cool.

Yeah, I’d better get my fill while I can.

I foresee a drastic increase in the number of “This Little Piggy Went to Market” games in my near future! Surely that will be kosher until they’re 12 or so, right?


Anonymous said...

i'm fully expecting to do it until they get married. :)

mine are still at the age where they ask for "wee weeee" and WANT me to play with their toes :)

Andrea said...

I love my babies feet too! Sometimes it drives them crazy! :):):)

Beth said...

The funny thing is, I am grossed out by adult feet. I won't even let my husband touch me with his feet. I hate feet.
Baby feet? can not resist them! I kiss them, I tickle them, I 'eat' them... They are so sweet! Now Will is 5 and his feet are killing me. He is transitioning from sweet baby feet to icky boy feet. I still love some foot time right after a bath, but most of the time I don't want his feet near me.
Love those little feet as long as you can!

championm2000 said...

I definitely have a baby foot fetish, too!!

Amanda said...

My girls have kissable feet this time of year, but come summer- forget it! I never realized babies feet could get so sweaty and smelly until we were away in Florida!

Unknown said...

I'm not totally averse to kids' feet...but Sarah has my feet - which I'm ashamed to admit get pretty smelly. Kinda hard to kiss them and play with them much when stinky!