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May 4, 2011

Say What?!!!

Over the past couple of months, the girls’ communication skills have exploded. They truly keep me in stitches! Here are a few excerpts of conversation from our house this week…

Baby B is starting to talk like a miniature adult. She even has a very serious “thinking face” when she’s trying to recall something, and she nods her head in agreement with herself when she’s being emphatic. And in true Southern fashion, she likes to talk with her hands. Put those things together, and I can hardly keep a straight face most of the time.

She was sitting on the couch by herself, looking at a book with lots of animal illustrations. I heard her say, “Flamingo…that’s a type of bird,” just as pretty as you please.

She regularly says things like, “I’m enjoying my fruit,” and, “That’s very helpful.” How old is this kid, anyway???

And it was too funny when I told the girls the titles of a couple of books I had selected on Tuesday afternoon. B said, “Those are good choices.”

Both girls are very compassionate.

I pointed out a seemingly angry dog in one of our stories. Baby B said, “He’s mad. Somebody needs to give him a hug.” And Baby A added, “Ooooooooooh, tiny little puppy…I loooooove you,” as she lay her face to the page of the book.

And Baby A never fails to crack me up with her observative and often passionate commentary.

On Sunday I put the girls in halter shirts with little sweaters for a quick trip to the bookstore. When we got home, Baby A immediately peeled off her sweater. Referring to the halter straps, she said, “[Baby A] wearing some bra.” HA!

On Monday, the girls were enjoying some graham crackers that they hadn’t had in a couple of weeks. Baby A looked closely at the bunny shape and said, “I love you, bunny!”…right before she gobbled it up. (That was actually a little disturbing!)

And I couldn’t close without a little potty commentary. (C’mon…it’s my life right now!)

Of course Baby A has to inspect all her work. After one particularly productive session, she said, “Looks like an airplane!” And several times, I’ve heard her say, “I love you, stinkies!” (Again…perhaps a little disturbing!)

Disturbing or not, these little girlies sure make me smile!


Jessica Ridgway-Barnes said...

I love this post Mandy Mae!!! My little guy is growing up fast as well and the things he says crack me up....he doesn't have a very extensive vocabulary at this point, but he uses words like "umbrella" and "gravedigger" which are random but funny (Gravedigger is a monster truck by the way, not a morbid profession he is interested in).

Keep the posts going....they are quite enjoyable.
Love, Jessi Jean

Andrea said...

I love this! Way to sweet! Your girls are a hoot!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

are you and I on the same wavelength? I am just about to post on our kids talking too. Shall I stil do it or pick another topic and do that in a few days' time?

Your girl has her priorities straight - food is for eating, even if in bunny shapes :)

Connor is going through this kissing stage where EVERYTHING under the sun must get a kiss - the books, the toys, everything.

Unknown said...

I love the bra comment and the poop airplane. Sarah used to get done pooping and tell me what animal it looked like (turtle, whale, snake, etc) ha!

Adam was playing with Sarah's dollhouse tonight and made the Daddy sit on the potty. He made "pssssss" noises for him! ha!
This is the conversation that followed:
Does ADAM want to go potty?
Does Adam want to sit on the potty?
Does Adam want to stand by the potty?
Does Adam want to FLUSH the potty?

Glad he was actually listening. and "yeah" is his new favorite word. :-)

He's making some seriously long sentences too - the other day after breakfast, he walked up to his sis and said "Sarah! You want to go downstairs and play trains with me?" whoa!!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I have REALLY appreciated your "potty capades"!! You should be paid for your tips and experiences. I will be looking back on your blog when we hit this stage -- which to be honest -- scares me silly!! Their language is too much!!! I love hearing what they say and I can just picture it all!!

Mandy said...

I think I am growing envious of everyone else's baby chatter! Marcia's kids are only 2 weeks older than mine no less! Soon enough I guess. It's so amazing to see their little minds at work. I can't wait!!

Rebecca said...

It's so fun, right?

Wait, I thought only Italians talked with their hands!

Love love love the bra comment!

reanbean said...

It's so funny to me to hear toddlers and preschoolers talking like grown ups. My kids do it all the time now. I know it's just them imitating what they hear, but I still find it so stinkin' cute!