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May 15, 2011

Bloggy Stuff

…so I’m way behind on some bloggy business…but…better late than never, I hope…here ‘goes!

THANK YOU so much to TWO awesome bloggy friends for the “Blog with Substance” award!

As they say about beauty, I think “substance” may be in the eye of the beholder…but you won’t catch me passing up the compliment.

Thanks to Rebecca, of Unexplained x2. It always puts a little spring in my step when I see a new post pop up from her…and I’m thankful that she posts so often! I feel like I learn a lot from some of her experiences, both as an awesome mom to her two “Crazies”, and as a middle-school teacher on hiatus. And just as importantly this girl Cracks.Me.UP with her rotten (in a good way) sense of humor.

Thanks to Christina, of Our Life with Multiples. Christina is such a sweet, supportive friend. I love seeing her commitment to her precious girlies and the joy she gets from so many of their accomplishments. She inspires me with my girls…and she inspires me in the work-out arena, too. I think this mama is one mean work-out machine! Oh, and I couldn’t fail to mention our shared passion for football!

As part of the award, I’m supposed to share seven things about myself. Since I do a monthly “A Bit About Me” post, I’m going to stay pretty superficial and list some stuff relevant to today (Sunday morning, as I write this).

1) I’m still wearing the t-shirt I slept in…a high school relic from a math competition. Dorky? Yes. But I did love me some equations once upon a time.

2) I’m drinking coffee from my favorite mug. It has cartoon cats on it and a title of “Mug Shots”. Each cat is accused of something, like “playing with cat toys at 3AM”. I’ve had it for about 10 years, and it just cracks me up.

3) I made waffles for breakfast, and in between batches I peeled, diced, and boiled four sweet potatoes for the girls. Nothing like multi-tasking to start the day!

4) I have my Mothers of Multiples meeting today. I love being a part of the group, but it sure does make for a jam-packed day.

5) I assembled eggplant parmesan last night (after the girls were in bed) that I’ll bake for supper tonight. I was thinking the entire time…I don’t remember it taking this long before kiddos! Of course, I haven’t watched a movie since they were born, or a ballgame in its entirety, so I guess it’s all relative…

6) I bought some new bags a couple of months ago. I love the coordination between the diaper bag / restaurant bag / purse…but I’m struggling with switching my wallet back and forth between the bags. I have receipts and coupons in probably three different places, and it is driving me CRAZY!

7) I watched a couple of DVR’d episodes of Extreme Couponing late last night. I don’t watch TV very often, and I like to have a couple of mindless things I can “veg” to from time to time.

My amazing friend Marcia, of 123 Blog, also tagged me in a blog post a few days ago. I really admire Marcia’s passion; it emanates from almost everything she does. And I love getting a peek into how her mind works…she really challenges me to think.

Some of the questions in Marcia’s post were just too good to pass up…

1) Does your spouse read your blog? No, only if I ask him to look at something in particular. I think he enjoys reading it from time to time, but he much prefers to look at soccer analysis or car stats when he’s online.

2) Is it unfair to write people off who don’t speak to me in my love language? I think there’s a season for everything and everyone. My truest friends know what’s important to me, and I to them. But I have other friends that I may just enjoy sharing a laugh with, or watching a ballgame…and I’m OK with that.

3) Why do people not respond to you or call you back when they say they will? This drives me NUTS!!! I try to be respectful of others’ time, and I wish they would do the same for me, but I know different people have different priorities. Some people I think are being quite disrespectful with such action; but with others, I might (reluctantly) just consider that part of who they are, and plan accordingly.

And finally, on the topic of bloggy stuff, my Aussie friend MultipleMum, of And Then There Were Four, is in a competition for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers in Australia. She’s a fantastic writer and a great mom to her four kiddos, including boy/girl twins. Check out the awesome post she entered about taking a family drive (and then vote for her!).


Christina said...

I do love working out lol. =) And I love football, you got that right!
Thanks for the kind words, you are such an amazing person, I'm so glad we met here in bloggy land!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You are so kind with your words and I love that you can feel my passion :)

Congrats on your awards but wait - you haven't watched a movie since before the girls??? It's time, Mandy :)

Tell hubby you're going to see something with Aunty Shanda this week!!!

MultipleMum said...

Hi there! Look at you receiving awards all over the place :-) I love these posts where you share stuff about yourself. Thanks so much for the shout out too. Much appreciated x

Rebecca said...

Wow...this is quite a busy post!

Anonymous said...

i HATE when people don't call when they say they will. b's mom does this all.the.time. i want to hit her.

....i had a feeling you were a mathlete :)

Unknown said...

I just leave a diaper bag in our car now and rarely actually carry it. I just put 1 or 2 diapers and wipes in my purse and I'm usually good to go. BUT...I used to do the same as you - had multiple bags and such. I learned my lesson last year when I had pulled the 'essentials' out of my wallet (license, credit card, debit card, cash) and put them in a smaller wallet to toss in the diaper bag. Later that day, I went grocery shopping, had a FULL cart of groceries and got to the check out...when I realized I had NOTHING - no cash, no credit, no debit, no checkbook. And I was almost 20 miles from home. I had to ask them to put my cart in the cooler so I could drive all the way home (20 minutes) and back (20 more minutes) just to pay! worst moment ever!!

oh...and people not calling/emailing/texting back is one of my pet peeves. I don't even really accept the 'I'm busy' excuse b/c ya know what? So am I...but I still make the time to respond and keep in touch. It makes me really sad when I don't get the same effort from someone else - especially when its someone important to me.

reanbean said...

I often have wondered if other people's spouses read their blogs. T never reads mine. For a while, it bothered me. So, I asked him why he didn't read it. His response, "I don't need to read it. I live it." I get what he's saying, but I think he'd learn a lot about my perspective on things if he read it even just every now and then. If he had a blog, I know I'd read every word. But maybe that's just me.

jennifer said...

Nice blog.Discussing every thing here itself!!!!