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May 21, 2011

Devo, Anyone?

I've become famous (between the girls) for adapting the melodies of songs to whatever activity we're doing.

Over the past week, the girls have wanted to help buckle the belts on their highchairs and car seats. I'll do all but one side of the buckle, and then help them guide the final "click" into place.

"Click it...into place!" I found myself saying, with a futuristic wag of my head (and corresponding tail feathers).

...and then my mind began to wander to the early 80's band Devo...

...and then I began to picture the girls in red "energy domes"...perhaps for Halloween this year?

If Hubby agrees to participate, we'd only need one more person to comprise the full five-piece band.

Devo, anyone???


Andrea said...

If only we lived closer...I would totally jump on it!! Haha!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. i do the same thing with songs. when we're getting into the car we say, "click it or ticket!" :) now little m always says "click it".

reanbean said...

I too love to put my words into little melodies that my kids know. I feel like they hear me better when I sing it rather than say it.

Good luck finding your fifth! :o)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Do you have a dog? A pup would look super cute in the red bucket hat. :)