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May 30, 2011

Old Rivers Run Deep

(After a quick Google search, I realized why that idiom didn’t quite sound right…it’s “Still waters run deep,” but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

I got to enjoy some time on Saturday with my best friend Alison.

Alison and I met in business school. She knew me before husband, before job, before cats, and a long, long time before kiddos.

After we graduated, we both went our separate ways. Over the next four years, we lived in three states. She was doing consulting work, travelling all over the country…sometimes staying in one spot for a couple of weeks, sometimes a couple of months.

For the past 11 years, though, no matter how crazy our schedules were, we always managed to stay in close touch.

We’d see each other if she happened to be travelling in my direction, or we’d coordinate trips home together so we could spend some time in Sweet Home Alabama. And we always talk on the phone at least once a week.

Alison was her usual, awesome, supportive self through my pregnancy, also hosting a beautiful baby shower for me at her house…but she was extra incredible after the girls were born.

Even though she wasn’t a mom yet herself, she seemed to know exactly how much I needed her support during those first few crazy months.

We talked frequently on the phone, and she spent a couple of weekends with us – once when the girls were seven weeks old, and then again when they were five months old. Those were fantastic…we didn’t log any spa time, or extravagant dinners, or shopping trips (as our “girl time” often consisted of)…she just fed and burped babies…but it was SO what I needed to be able to share with her!

Alison is very smart, and very compassionate. She truly listens when I talk to her. She’ll offer advice, but not on a whim. Her feedback is always well thought-out, and – even if she doesn’t know “the answer” – she always gives me something to think about.

Since Alison found out she was pregnant when the girls were about seven months old, we’ve seen each other only a precious few times in the past two years.

Once was when I left the girls for the first time – for TEN HOURS! – and drove down to host her baby shower. It was a whirlwind trip…but come hell or high water, I wasn’t going to miss that for the world. Then last fall I took a shorter day trip to meet her for lunch between my place and hers. By any other standard it would have seemed insane to drive so far for a quick lunch, but it was completely worth it.

And Saturday Alison and her hubby were in Nashville for a concert. We made a day trip out of it to meet them for lunch. It was not exactly relaxing…as we were balancing a couple of crazy babes (mine!)…but I didn’t care.

Sadly, I have yet to meet Alison’s sweet baby girl. We exchange war stories and pictures all the time, so I feel like I know her, but that will be a pretty special time, seeing our girls together.

There’s just something about being with Alison – or even talking with her on the phone for 10 minutes – that reminds me who “me” is. And that’s a good thing.


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Andrea said...

Sounds fabulous! Glad you had this special time with your best friend! Hope you get to meet her baby girl sooner rather then later!

Oh and BTW I never get idiom drives my hubby bonkers!! I also love the pic of the 4 of you...priceless!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Alison sounds amazing. Does she read your blog?

And yes, it's totally worth all the driving, etc to connect with a true friend.

Beth said...

Yeah for good girlfriends!

There is just something about the friends who knew "the old us." Before husbands and kids. Keeping in contact helps keep that side of you alive.
Great picture of the four of you!

Unknown said...

that's awesome!! You two look like you could be sisters :-)

Long time friends are the best! My BFF and I have been friends since I was about 3 years old...yes! That's over 30 years! We only live about 5 -10 miles away from each other, but rarely get to spend time together these days. We talk on the phone on the way to work each week to keep up with life at least...but need some quality time soon! :-)

Holly G said...

Those friends are so important. Mine is my best friend (besides my husband), Scott. We've known each other since the 10th grade and our particular brands of crazy seem to compliment each other miraculously well. We don't live anywhere near each other and haven't for years, but we still talk a few times per week and I wouldn't trade those conversations for anything. :)

reanbean said...

Good friends are the best. Those ones who always listen and seem to always get you no matter what you're going through. I've had two really good friends move away in the last 5 years, and now that we've all got kids, keeping up is just getting harder and harder. Still, it's nice to know that even after weeks (or months) of not talking, we can always pick up right where we left off.