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May 28, 2011

Super 6 Saturday

Friday's post was dedicated to ME, so a quick wave of my magic wand turns my usual Fab 5 Friday into a Super 6 list today!

Lots of super [and fabulous] stuff to report...

1) For the second weekend in a row, we visited the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, and then ate a late breakfast (a mid-morning snack for the girls) at Panera. We saw a number of the same people there that we’d seen the week prior, including several children. The girls made the rounds before we left, waving to their “friends” and telling them to have a good day!

2) Saturday night we went to a birthday party for our twin friends who live in our neighborhood. The girls had a great time playing with some of their friends, and it was so nice that they ate like champs! I remember the party from last year…we fed the girls at home before we went. It’s so freeing to be able to walk out the door with nothing in hand but a birthday present.

3) On Sunday, we went to a reception for “Aunt” Karen’s little sis, who just graduated from medical school (go, Sarina!!!). My sweet babies acted like little ladies! Granted, we didn’t stay long – I didn’t want to push my luck! – but we had a great time, and so did they.

4) I’d gotten the girls dressed to go to the birthday party on Saturday, and I wanted to make their picture. I was trying to bribe them to stand next to each other. Unprompted, Baby A lunged at Baby B, gave her a big hug, and said, We’re family!

5) The girls have been playing “birthday party” all week. We have sung countless renditions of the “Happy Birthday song”. They always make a gift to take the birthday girl / dog / bear…usually a Megablock structure of some sort, but occasionally they’ll branch out and offer a specific stack of books. I love that they are understanding the concept of gift-giving…and I’ve been trying to emphasize how special it is to make a gift (even a lopsided block tower).

6) Daddy cut the grass on Friday afternoon. Although we’d had similar exchanges before, it had been a while…unprompted, the girls each told Daddy “The grass is very pretty…thank you,” when he came inside. I think it made his toil and trouble worth it.

And a quick update on the Potty-capades…

…Baby A used the potty away from home for the first time this week! We were at the birthday party (at my friend’s house) on Saturday when she told me she needed to go. No problem…she handled it like a champ!

…I asked Baby B last weekend when she was going to start making tee-tee and stinkies on the potty (as she still just sits several times a day). Very matter-of-factly, she said, “Tuesday.” Several days later I realized I hadn’t asked her to specify which Tuesday…I’ll know better next time. HA!


Andrea said...

Wow you had all had a busy week! Fun times!! Molly always says tomorrow or Sunday when she is putting me off! :):):) Your girls are growing up did it happen so fast?!?!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the Tuesday comment :)

and Mandy, they are very well-mannered and polite. Is that you? :)

Miss Megan said...

Love your list! How very sweet of the girls to tell daddy thank you for cutting the grass! Such polite little ladies you have there! =)

Unknown said...

sounds like a fun week! yeah for potty success away from home :-)

how sweet that the girls complimented daddy on the lawn! Adam is so polite lately, saying "thank you" without any prompts.

Holly G said...

Yay! So glad you are having potty training success! My Acacia is FINALLY starting to go at home and I am just beside myself with joy over it! She knows she has to be able to "use the potty all day" before she can be in mommy's pre-k class in the fall. :)

Megan said...

Such good manners! I'm impressed. :-)

reanbean said...

Sounds like so much fun! My guys LOVE to sing Happy Birthday and play birthday party with their stuffed toys and dolls. Tiny got a pretend play birthday set for her birthday. It includes a cake, serving knife, little plates, forks, napkins, and a little box that looks like a present with a bow on top. The box opens, so they can put little pretend presents inside. It's so cute to see them get all excited to celebrate a pretend birthday. :o)