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September 22, 2012

Words and Letters

I'm linking up again this week with Marcia and Mandy for their photography challenge.  The theme is Words and Letters.

True to my form so far, I can't say I have any photographic masterpieces.  This is the first picture that came to mind for me, and probably the closest one to the intended purpose of the link-up.

This is the oldest diner in Memphis, where we ate breakfast during our mini-vacay there in June.  It didn't seem to have been updated since the 50's, I'm guessing, which was actually more neat than creepy...HA!  One of my very favorite treats is having breakfast out, and the food was ahhhh-mazing!!!  I'm still dreaming of French toast I had, which might have been deep-fried, more like a beignet than toast.  YUM!!!

As I was looking through my Memphis pictures, I was struck by this one, too.

This was a bridge paralleling the Mississippi River.  Both our girls love to look at shapes and lines and shadows and point out what they look like.  Baby A was excited she saw so many "A's" as she walked along!

As I think about letters, I can't help but include a few additional pictures of my girlies in action...

From February...Baby A was SO PROUD when she learned to write her A!

From March...the girls were playing letter / number / word BINGO.

And often the girls surprise me with their inventiveness in how they play with things.  One day Baby B was using puzzle pieces to form letters...

...a gigantic "A" in honor of her sissy...

...and a "J" for Daddy made from puzzle blocks...
Want to see some real photography?  Check out Marcia and Mandy's blogs...and the other great link-ups.  :)


Johanna Baker said...

I love, love, LOVE sweet little B's big puzzle-made A. What a sweet, creative little girl she is!

Mrs FF said...

Lovely pictures. Your girls are so creative :)

Interesting how they could see the letters on the bridge

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love love LOVE the bridge one - Baby A is so clever. I didn't see the A's till I really looked :)