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September 8, 2012

Super Stuff on a Saturday

We had an all-around fantastic trip to Alabama over Labor Day weekend.  It’s been a short week here at home, and Baby A has been a bit on the snuffle-y side, but I’m thankful to report it’s been a pretty super week overall!

1)     On Monday night, when we got home from Alabama, B asked what we were doing the next day.  I reminded her the following day was Tuesday, and the way her eyes lit up when she said, I have school!!! was priceless.

2)     On Wednesday night we enjoyed one last dinner with Miss Rachel and her family, who are moving back to Australia.  A&B were so excited when I told them we were going to see E&L.  I loved seeing them so at home there, and it’s so sweet to see their appreciation for Miss Rachel’s amazing culinary skills.

3)     The girls love to pretend all sorts of things.  Their most common themes seem to be birthday parties, trips to the zoo, staying in a hotel, and shopping at the grocery store or the bookstore.  Baby A was making a list of some sort as part of one of her scenarios.  She wrote 'A, L, A, B' on her drawing pad…for Abby and Lily (their dolls), and A&B.  I thought that was pretty neat…and I love her seemingly innate list-making skills!

4)     On Friday afternoon, despite the HEAT, I just felt like the girls needed some outside time.  I asked if they’d like to play with chalk – a rare treat – on the driveway in the shade beside the house.  They had a blast!  They drew some “figures” on their own, and they loved filling in the details on what I drew, like the spots on a butterfly and the windows on a car.  It was such a nice mid-afternoon break.

5)     In the bathtub on Friday, the girls were playing with a couple of toy turtles.  They were pretending they were cameras (???), and they were showing me the “pictures” they’d taken.  Here’s one of Abby…here’s one of Lily…here we all are…here they are at the zoo…  So sweet to see how they were recording their babies’ adventures!  (Hmmm…perhaps they also have a blog???)

6)     This isn’t super-fabulous by some standards, but it still makes my heart smile to hear some of the baby-isms my girls still use.  Both of them still say “mines” instead of “mine” most of the time.  And Baby A is famous for saying, “This is more better than XYZ.  Their vocabulary is generally pretty amazing, but hearing things like this remind me they’re still my little babies.

7)     If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen some of these quotes, but they’re too sweet / funny not to include in my weekly sum-it-up…

·         B fell down a couple of steps [because she was playing around].  I asked her what happened, meaning to imply that she shouldn’t have been playing.  I just wasn’t balancing myself,” she explained.  HA!

·         One morning B was working on a puzzle in a very linear fashion.   (She sometimes likes to complete a puzzle in “lines”, side to side.)  Baby A came along and messed up her system.  Sissy, you can help me by not messing my things up,” she said ever-so-calmly.   

        At the table one day, B said at random, “Sissy is kind of like a mommy to me.”  Be still my heart!

8)    The girls are having fun with the Alabama elephants that Grandma Linda gave them last week.  They are mostly pretending one is the mommy and one is the baby.  B made a phone call one morning, along these lines…"Hey, Mommy Elephant. Yes, we're fine, but the baby elephants are crying. Can you come help them? See you in a little bit.  Bye-bye."  I think she covered all her bases!

Stay tuned next week for the continued super-fabulous adventures of A&B!


Johanna Baker said...

Seriously, if there are any little girls on the face of the earth that are as cute as mine, it would have to be yours. ; )

Miss Megan said...

I love hearing about their adventures! And wow can they pretend - that's awesome!!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Hello old friend! Trying to catch up on blogs tonight!! So glad you had such a wonderful week again - as always - love all the highlights of the week!