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September 14, 2012

Fab Friday

What was it that made our week so fabulous???

1)      On Sunday we attended the annual NICU reunion at the hospital.  The girls were so excited to go, and they enjoyed seeing themselves on the slide show, eating cake, and taking a peek at the well-baby nursery.  When we got home, they started asking, “Mommy, why didn’t we get to see the room where the babies were getting born?  Hmmm…I don’t think that’s part of the tour. 

2)      One morning I was listening to the girls pretend play.  A said, “I’m in Yugoslavia.”  B jumped in right away…”No, Sissy, you’re in former Yugoslavia.  That’s old.”  Their Daddy was so proud.

3)      On Tuesday I was feeling industrious, and I had a real hankering to make some cookies.  I’d pinned this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Kiss Cookies, and when I happened upon that candy at Target on Monday, I decided it was meant to be.  Baby B was not-napping upstairs, so I let Baby A help me in the kitchen.  She’s the master at lowering and raising the bowl on the stand mixer, and she was a true help in unwrapping 20 Kisses!  It was actually a great exercise…it seemed to take quite a bit of coordination to unwrap the Kisses without squishing them (there were two or three that didn’t make the cut)…and it was a great counting exercise for her, too.

4)      Since I’d had the one-on-one time with A on Tuesday afternoon, I took B with me for a quick errand late Tuesday afternoon when Daddy got home.  She was so excited to accompany me to the bead store, and she chatted like a pro with Miss Emily, the owner. 

5)      On Wednesday morning we met our sweet friends M&C, who will turn three next month, at our local orchard.  It was the perfect morning…low 70’s, overcast, and we had the place almost to ourselves.  I love-love-love seeing our girls playing with their friends.  After we played and snacked and played some more, we went to buy some apples.  Walking back from the playground, B and C held hands the entire way…so sweet!!!  And all the kiddos – who just happened to be in matching sets (which is rare for our foursome) – willingly sat on a bench for a picture.

6)      The petting zoo is up at the orchard in preparation for their fall festival days.  The girls were so excited to see their “friends” (goats, sheep, and an alpaca) from last fall.  I was so surprised they wanted to feed the animals!  I bought a handful of feed…Baby B changed her mind, but A let a couple of nice goats nibble from her palm.

7)      Baby B wasn’t feeling very well on Wednesday afternoon.  I was afraid she was coming down with a cold, but all she was worried about was whether she’d be able to go to school on Thursday.  I told her she could go if she felt well.  And she repeated that several times, “Mommy, I can go to school tomorrow if I feel well, right?  The very first thing she said when she woke up on Thursday morning – still groggy from sleep – was, “Mommy, I feel well!  I’m going to school! 

8)      When I came to pick the girls up from school on Thursday, Ms. E told me, “They are so polite.  They have the best manners.  I can tell you really work with them on that at home.”  SCORE!!!  I do my best to encourage the girls to be polite and respectful, but it makes me beam to know they carry those habits with them.  YESSSS!!!

9)      One morning, while I was making breakfast, Baby A apparently wanted to tell me something.  She excitedly said to her sister, “Sissy, go hide!  B ran off to find a good hiding spot.  Baby A told me something (inconsequential), and then just hung around.  I finally asked, “Do you need to go find your sister?  Um, no…  HA!!!  That sneaky little girl of mine!

10)    Mommy, when will we go to Antarctica to see the penguins?  And later, “Mommy, when are we going to San Diego?  It always cracks me up when the girls ask such random questions.  At least I know we’ve been reading in our penguin book about Antarctica…not sure where the San Diego question came from, though!

So thankful for a week full of fabulous!


Carrie said...

Looks like a great week! One of the preschool teachers told me that our girls were very polite too. I was quite pleased they could say please/thank you on their own. And when I picked Evie up on Thursday one teacher said she thinks Evie is hilarious and they all get such a kick out of her!
We are about to go to Target and I will be picking up those pumpkin spice kisses!! mmmmm!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You've got to know number 8 is my favourite - I can just imagine your heart bursting with pride :)

Johanna Baker said...

They are so smart! A sounds like my Cam... she would totally tell sister to hide as a devious way to get some alone time. :) Too funny!

Mandy said...

I am still cracking up over the go hide business!

And I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle going back to the room where the babies are born. That would just do this mommy in!

Another great week in the books!

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah for your Polite Preschoolers!!! Good job, Mama!!

Super cute pics of your Twins x2!!

Pumpkin Spice kisses??? I need to go find me some of those!!

So sweet that B was worried about going to school and that it was the first thing on her mind the next morning! That has to be totally reassuring to you!! :-)

cat said...

Oh this is lovely, especially the polite kids. I am a sucker for good manners. Really Marcia's are so polite too