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September 9, 2012

A Photography Challenge...and ME???

The Marvelous Marcia and the Magnificent Mandy are hosting a photo challenge this month.  I excitedly signed up, thinking I would make the time to experiment with my camera.  Fail!!!

Still, I love the thought behind their challenge.  The two of them completed a Superhero Photo workshop a few months ago, and it's been fantastic to see the evolution of their photography, and to witness how much they're enjoying themselves.  It's been very inspiring, and I've learned a thing or two just from the sidelines.

Last week's theme was COLOR.  I'm sharing a few of my favorite pictures, ones that immediately came to mind when I saw that word...

B and A, taken on Memorial Day weekend last year.  I took so many pictures during our trip to the park...I just couldn't get enough of the gorgeous sunshine gleaming through the girls' hair, and their bright shirts contrasted against the lush green grass.

I took this picture of our sweet friend A, at her first birthday party in July.  The theme was "ladybugs", and I love the BRIGHT red against that porcelain baby skin of hers.

This picture was taken during our surprise visit to Aunt GG in July.  I couldn't get over how pretty she looked in her bright pink jumper, and how perfectly it complemented the girls' pink shirts.

 And this week's theme is TEXTURE and PATTERNS.  Here again, it didn't take long for me to decide on a handful of pictures to include...

Taken in March, Baby B's feet.  I love how you can see the imprint from her jeans on the bottom of her left foot, where she'd been sitting, concentrating on putting a puzzle together.

Taken in March, Baby A's hands.  I love the detail on her left hand, and the depth of the puzzle piece she's holding.

This isn't a photographic masterpiece by any stretch, but I couldn't help but think about the amazing pattern backdrop.  Taken in May of this year at the Corvette Museum, the antique Corvette picture is comprised of many tiny pictures of other cars.

And of course my furry baby Sasha gets a nod.  She was lounging on a puzzle while the girls were eating lunch.  I could just reach out and scrub that fluffy neck of hers!
Thank you Marcia and Mandy for the continued inspiration!  If nothing else, seeing your masterpieces, I'm using my "Auto" function less often!  :)

Hop on over and link up.  Next week's theme is SOUND, followed by WORDS/LETTERS.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Thank you for playing along!

I LOVE the pic of B's feet - sooooo precious - and the baby with the food all across her face. LOVE it!

Mrs FF said...

Lovely pictures