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September 3, 2012

Super Stuff on a Monday (from Last Week)

[Highlights from last week...I just ran out of real estate on Saturday morning before we headed out to Sweet Home Alabama!]

Even though Baby A boycotted naps ALL.WEEK.LONG, it was still a pretty fabulous week.  Baby B has been able to sleep almost every day, and we’ve been plowing through what may be a new routine for us.  Here are some of the super highlights…

1)     On Monday I had a long list of errands to run.  The girls and I got an early start, and we knocked out our entire list!  Midway through, we refueled over a shared bagel at Panera, which was a very nice treat.  The girls were such troopers!    

2)     After only five days of preschool, the girls surprised me by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance!  I could hardly believe my ears when Baby A started, “I pledge allegiance…  I helped here and there with a prompt, but they both know it with about 90% accuracy.  And it’s so sweet to hear some of those big words (like “indivisible”!) in their little baby voices.

3)     This probably shouldn’t make my “fabulous” list, but I laughed so hard I snorted.  B started explaining where it’s OK to tootle (pass gass).  It’s not OK to tootle in my classroom, but it’s OK to tootle in the restroom at my school…right, Mommy???  I hadn’t realized such clarification was necessary.  HA!

4)     On Wednesday we had to pick up our things from the consignment sale we participated in.  The girls went with me last season – six months ago –and I couldn’t believe what they remembered!  There is a field with a horse next to the auditorium.  The girls remembered the horse’s name, Cody, and that he was eating apples the last time we were there!  They were so excited to see him again.

5)     Also on Wednesday we met our sweet baby twin friends at a new playground.  The girls were so excited to be playing near them, and they were elated at the new-to-us equipment.  I was amazed how quickly they attacked everything…all the slides, the ladders, and Baby A even did the fireman’s pole with no assistance.

6)     At the playground there is a “talking machine”…one of those magnifying speakers that allow you to talk from one side of the play structure to the other.  Baby B was fascinated with it.  She stood there forever!  Baby A played for a bit, but Mommy was on the other end of B’s communication for the most part.  B was so full of giggles!  And I loved watching her face when she didn’t know I could see her.  She seemed to think that was pure magic.

7)     The girls were missing three of their classmates on Thursday, and they were so consumed with it.  It was really neat to hear them talking about who was there, who wasn’t, and what their absent classmates might have been doing.  It made me realize how closely they identify with each of their new little friends.

8)     The girls met me after class on both Tuesday and Thursday carrying a “Happy-gram”, a little note that says something they did well.  On Tuesday, Baby A’s said, “…waited patiently,” and B’s said, “…helped pick up toys”.  On Thursday, they both had, “…helped others”.  I love how proud they are to show me their notes.

9)     The girls keep coming home from school, singing new songs.  Neither of them can carry a tune in a bucket, but that doesn’t stop them from trying their best…Baby B, in particular, sings with such soulful bravado, I sometimes have to stifle a laugh.

10)  We have a new book about the state of Maine.  For over a week I’ve wanted to make a moose craft, using the girls’ handprints as the moose’s antlers.  I braved fingerpainting this week…and it was almost not really stressful!  I think the girls and I finally have a technique down that yields pretty decent handprints.  After 3 ½ years, it’s probably about time!

Very thankful for another great week with my most precious gifts.


Olusola said...

I couldn't make it past tootle with a straight face. I'm so going to have to use that this week!

Anonymous said...

:) and don't forget the return of football and a win for your team! :)


Anonymous said...

:) and don't forget the return of football and a win for your team! :)