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September 17, 2012

Picture Pages, Picture Pages...and Other Things That Occupy Our Girls

(OK, who's singing and craving Jell-o right now???)

I have waited for this day for so very long...the day that our girls finally discovered the joy of coloring books.  I LOVED to color as a kid (and I may have even bought a few coloring books along the way, well into my college days...of course I did that under the guise of my one semester as an education major...but they were really for me!).

The girls still don't much like to color for coloring's sake...they most often scribble an entire page one color...but give them something to do in a coloring book, and I've recently discovered, they're golden!

The girls worked for over an hour one day last week.  You'll see B correctly drew lines from four bees to the number "4", and on the opposite page she counted the apples and then colored 1/3 green, 1/3 red, and 1/3 yellow.

Baby A counted 13 bolts, in five different shapes, coloring each shape a different color.


I was so impressed how they followed directions, and for how long that held their attention!  And they were beyond proud to show their daddy what they'd done.

The girls also love to practice with their scissors.  They asked me to draw some shapes on construction paper so they could cut them out.  They worked and worked, and then asked me for two additional pages!

Here are some shapes that Baby A cut.

Here's B, so proud of her star.
 And the magnetic foam shapes are still a HUGE hit, too.

Baby A designed these flowers herself!  And here's her new "pose" when I ask to take her picture with something...HA!

During the last 20 or 30 minutes of our "quiet time" together, when B is still upstairs (hopefully) napping, I've pulled up this website a few times.  It has patterns for letters and numbers from the foam shapes.  Baby A LOVES-LOVES-LOVES to follow along.

Just wanted to share some of the fun around these parts.  I'm always looking for new ideas...what's keeping your kiddos engaged these days? 


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the flowers!!! And they look so cute at the table colouring.

Mine are not so keen either. Kendra likes "writing" - by that she means she makes the letters she feels like making all over the place.

Connor only wants to do a C and couldn't be bothered about any colouring. But he does do the all in one page thing.

I can't blame them - have never been a fan of colouring (am I still your friend? :)) but I loved the join the dots and sequencing type books :)

Beth said...

I love to color too! Most of my kids enjoy it, but I have one that doesn't. She'll color one small thing then tell me she doesn't want to color anymore. Maybe I should look for more 'activity books' like your girls are using. That may hold her attention a little longer- and throwing in a bit more learning is never a bad thing ;-)

We have the magnetic shapes also and the kids love them!

Barbara Manatee said...

My Sarah LOVES to color and do workbooks!! She'll seriously do a workbook cover to cover in a day or two if she has the time! Its often the one thing she goes right for on weekend mornings - her brothers are noisy and running around while she sits at the table and does her workbooks. :-)

I was the same way as a kid - loved that kind of thing. I, too, often bought coloring books while in College as a stress reliever. I love to color with her now, still :-)

cat said...

Oh I love to colour! Still do today - I doodle all the time for instance.

Charlene said...

Those came out cute! They seem to be doing really well with the scissors.