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September 4, 2012

Sweet Home Pictures

[Well, partially in pictures, anyway.  I realized when we got to the most picturesque park on Saturday afternoon that I'd left my memory card in my my trip pictures start after our trip to Walmart on Sunday morning.]

For the fourth year since the girls were born, we went to Sweet Home Alabama for Labor Day.

As usual, we packed a lot into our two-day trip.  On Saturday afternoon, after hugs and kisses for Granddaddy and Emme, we headed to the state park near my dad's house.  The girls were so excited about the train ride and the petting zoo, and they made the most of their visit.

They enjoyed seeing the lioness lounging on a big rock.  She rolled over for us a couple of times, stretching her back legs in the air.  The girls were so excited to see "Sasha's cousin", and they made sure to tell her that Sasha said hello.  We were a little disappointed that the goats weren't closer by, but we got pretty near a donkey, and the girls had lots of time (and guts!) to pet the big, fluffy, lazy bunnies.

The also loved the train ride.  They fought over who got to sit by Granddaddy.  (And that just makes my heart smile!)

Afterwards we had a few minutes to play on the new playground equipment at the park, before it started to sprinkle.  We'll definitely be playing there again on our next visit!

[This doesn't involve the girls, as they were sleeping peacefully, but we sure enjoyed watching the Tide ROLL from the comfort of Dad's basement hangout.  There's definitely something special about watching Alabama football IN Alabama!]

Sunday morning we went to visit Aunt GG, Uncle Tommy, and Aunt Janet.  The girls were tickled to traipse around the house in GG's boots, and -- per B's request -- GG had a Grecian orange cake waiting for her on the dining room table.  (B was very specific about where she hoped it would be!)

After we left GG's house, we went to visit "Aunt" Alison and her sweet Baby A.  All the littles enjoyed a snack still my heart!

 The girls played well together, and then we all piled on the couch for a picture.

Sunday afternoon Dad hosted his annual barbeque.  Before supper, we headed to the pond beside Dad's house to feed the ducks and geese.  The girls were so antsy to go!

They led the way with Daddy and Granddaddy, followed by my cousins, and then Grandma Linda and Grandpa Cecil.  I love this picture!

 Daddy and Granddaddy mostly manned the bread, but the girls were right there to supervise.

Before heading home, we took advantage of the scenery to make some pictures...

Mommy, Tiffany, Emme, Grandma Linda, Sara, B and A

Granddaddy and Emme with A and B
So thankful for this time with our family and my bestest friend!  As we were leaving, my dad said, "This is one of my favorite holidays."  I agree!


Johanna Baker said...

That last one is definitely a framer... perhaps an awesome gift for grandparent's day? :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love all the pics! It's so good to see you all together - glad everyone had a great time.

As for me, I'm off to bed soon - and hopefully with some anti-biotics now in me, I'll start being better soon.

Barbara Manatee said...

What a wonderful trip!! :-)