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September 6, 2012

A Brave Pioneer and a Stuffy Sailor

We experienced a really big “first” today.  Baby B went to school by herself, while A stayed home with Mommy.

Baby A didn’t seem to be feeling great on Wednesday morning.  She did fine during the day, but she was running a fever by bedtime. 

This morning when the girls got up, after I made sure B was OK, I broke the news to them that A couldn’t go to school.  Baby B’s eyes immediately welled with tears, and her chin began to tremble.

B, can you go to school while Sissy stays home with Mommy?  Can you represent both yourself and your sister at school today?

Baby B perked up right away, and Baby A understood she needed to stay home with Mommy to make sure her classmates and her teachers stayed healthy.

The only other hiccup of the morning came when I asked A if it would be OK if B turned in her “homework”.  Baby A responded with a resounding, “NO!  I want to!”  Oops!

I took the girls to school, purposefully running a couple of minutes late to try to avoid the other kiddos.  I asked Ms. E to step outside the classroom, and I told her that A hadn't been feeling well.  Baby A got to hand her homework to the teacher, and I could tell she was very proud to do that.

Baby B turned to her sister and said, “Have a good morning, Sissy.  I hope you feel better!  (So stinkin’ sweet!!!)

Ms. E bent down to give a hug to A and wish her a good morning, too.  With that, B went into her classroom, excited as always, and A turned to leave with me.

Baby A didn’t have much to say as we left, until I asked her if she’d like to go somewhere for a special morning snack.  She perked up immediately and asked straight away for an Asiago cheese bagel at Panera.  Consider it done, Baby Girl.  :)

Baby A and I had a very sweet morning together, and I know B had a fun time at school.  When we returned to pick her up, B’s “Happy Gram” said “…was very brave to be here without A,” and there was a special note for A, saying she was missed at school today.

Of course it hurts my heart when my girls don’t feel well, but in addition to the usual heartache, I was so dreading this situation today.  I’m so thankful to report that both my babies did so well!  I’m so very proud of B for carrying on with her routine.  And I’m so very proud of A for understanding she couldn’t go to school, and making the most of our morning together.

I hope these situations are few and far between, but it’s actually pretty neat to see how my big girls handled themselves today.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Brave B for going alone :)

And A knows what she's got going on. Maybe she's a quality time child and just wanted you by herself? I'm KIDDING!

But I would like to know what their love languages are.

Speaking of books, have you started What Alice Forgot yet?

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This was a tough one for me too. Explaining that they couldn't risk getting their classmates worked, but it's still hard! Handled like a champ, Mama!!

Carrie said...

Wow! Good for A and B and mama too! I've been thinking about that situation too and hoping our girls handle it well should it every arise.

championm2000 said...

Such big girls! Another hurdle in the preschool journey that y'all cleared with no problems ;-)

Hope A is feeling much better!

cat said...

They are really doing so well. I thought this woudl be an issue for the boys too but it seems they fly through it every time