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September 24, 2012

Super Stuff (LATE) on a Monday!

 It's been a pretty super week here at A&B Enterprises.  Here are the highlights -- some big, some little -- that I just don't want to forget...

1)      Last Saturday we got together with our MoMs group at our local orchard.  I was so proud of the girls for helping me set up, and then playing so nicely for over two hours.  They were fine to be in and out of the pavilion (where I mostly was), and back and forth between their daddy and me. 

2)      On Tuesday night we went to our friends’ house for dinner, M&C’s parents.  I love-love-love seeing our kiddos play together, and I love-love-love having friends where we feel so at home in their house.

3)      The girls have been playing some of the funniest pretend games lately…of their own invention.  They’ve been rescuing all manner of babies and animals from atop the couch, as they yell, “Man overboard!  And they take turns hiding behind a door…”Let’s play ‘Trapped’!” they’ll say.  Apparently one pretends to be a clown, coming to “goose” the other one.  It always results in squeals and fits of giggles.

4)      Thursday night we attended a potluck dinner at the girls’ school.  They were so excited to show their daddy their classroom, and to introduce him to their teacher.  And I was so proud of them...they ate so well and behaved like little ladies!

5)      As we were getting the girls ready for bed one night, I came around the corner to find my husband with the most horrified look on his face.  WHAT did you say???” he was asking B.  Bedtime SUCKS!” she repeated, and giggled.  I was astounded…until I figured out she was saying, Bedtime SOCKS!  Her little feet must have been cold.  Bwahahaha!

6)      Baby A loves to help me with laundry.  Her jobs are typically stacking up washcloths, putting socks together, and folding underwear.  She and I were spread out on the kitchen table one afternoon, while B was napping.  I had to call the cable company, and I decided that was a good a time as any.  Of course that was the one time they answered right away, as Baby A decided to narrate everything she was doing.  Pink panties!!!  Yellow panties!!!  Panties with cupcakes!!!  

7)      It was a gorgeous early-fall day on Saturday, so we made a quick decision to head to the zoo…we had such a great time!  The girls know the zoo so well, they can tell you which exhibit is coming next.  I love that they remembered the names of the giraffes!  And our favorite part of this trip was seeing three clouded leopard cubs playing so sweetly, like clumsy little toddlers.  We even saw one scale a tall tree, only to turn around immediately and head down – head first!  The girls are still talking about that.

8)      The girls have very big hearts for animals, coupled with vivid imaginations.  They often like to pretend they have some little animal in their pockets (maybe like an imaginary friend?), and they’ll often carry that game through the day.  At the zoo, one of the girls was pretending to have a lemur in her pocket, and the other, a meerkat.  The girls got quite a few giggles as they walked along, “talking” to their pretend pets. 

9)      The girls are doing so well with their scissors!  Every week they cut out pictures from magazines for their preschool alphabet activities.  Given that, I hadn’t asked them if they wanted to “practice” with their scissors for quite a while.  On Sunday afternoon, they asked me to draw some shapes for them to cut, and they kept busy (through three or four sets of shapes) for close to an hour!

10)   Baby A has been writing her name for about six months now, but B wasn’t showing much interest.  (In fairness, B’s name is twice as long as A’s, and has many more letters!)  In the last couple of weeks, B has been making a huge effort, and doing a great job!  I am certain she’s been motivated by the envelopes of pictures that they take to school each week.  B won’t let her sissy be the only one with her name written in crayon!

11)   I picked up several sets of wooden dominoes from the Target dollar section a couple of weeks ago.  The girls are IN LOVE.  Every night after supper, they ask to play.  It’s been great motivation for them to clean the den…”We can play as soon as you put your toys away!  Instead of numbers, the set we’ve been playing with has letters.  It’s very straight-forward, but perfect for my girlies.

So thankful for this time with my girlies!


Barbara Manatee said...

Letter dominoes? At Target?? I need to find those!

I let all 3 kids loose with the scissors tonight for a while. I was really impressed with Adam's ability to cut straight on a line.

I had seen your funny about folding laundry on FB...too cute!

Deanna said...

The laundry story still cracks me up! : )

A & M are into some SERIOUS pretend games lately too. We got the best glimpses into their little imaginations while digging in the sand on the beach last week. I love it!!

I just wrote a post about how crazy our October is going to be, but how about an early November zoo trip? I'd love to see our girls playing together. ; )

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Do it - the plan with Deanna :) I'll be envious from a distance :) :)

MIL gave the kids scissors to play with and she said they were quiet for a whole hour. HAHAHAHA.

BUT when we arrived there was a lot of confusion and with all the mayhem, Connor cut his hand in two places. He freaked at the blood but cheered up when he got his two plasters.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

PS all I can say is... it's a good thing I don't live near a target!