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March 21, 2012

Green Memories

My friend Jenny originally sparked my interest in comparison pictures, and I'm so glad she did. How fun it is to look back and see exactly what we were doing a year, two years, three years ago!

Of course there's usually a story to go along with a picture, too, and those are always fun to revisit as well.

Here, a little walk down St. Patrick's Day Lane...

I'm sure I could find a picture taken on or around March 17, 2009...but I can tell you that celebrating the luck of the Irish was probably the last thing on my mind then. At that point, our girls were about 2 1/2 months old. We were past the "babymoon" stage, if I remember correctly...and just desperate for our little ladies to SLEEP!

I began to pull my act together a bit by the girls' second St. Patty's Day, when they were 14 months old. We still didn't "celebrate", but I at least managed to get green pants on them.

At this point, the girls were walking well, but not yet climbing. The furniture was strategically arranged to keep them in the den. (That's an ottoman behind them.) And we kept king-size pillows in front of the windows to guard them from the perils of the sharp windowsills. Baby A is holding a piece to their shape-sorter, which is still a beloved toy.

By the girls' third Irish holiday, I had discovered my love of holiday-themed shirts...and the headband section at the dollar store.

This was the girls' first time to play with headbands, and they had lots of fun figuring them out. This picture also shows the girls sporting what they wore! Not long after St. Patty's Day 2010, we had a very serious (read: smelly!) breach during nap time. And from that day forward, until Baby A was potty-trained, not long after St. Patty's Day 2011, onesies were a necessity.

On St. Patty's Day afternoon in 2011, we took the girls downtown for a special snack, ice cream at the coffee shop. I would like to tell you they were singing an Irish ballad in this picture, but I clearly remember they were both asking (yelling?) to go to the fountain, still their favorite downtown destination.

And that brings us to St. Patrick's Day 2012. We enjoyed more holiday shirts, and more time downtown. This year the treat was breakfast at a downtown bakery, followed by a field trip to the post office...and of course a walk around the famed Fountain Square.

We enjoyed our green headbands again. Here the girls are sporting them for an extra-special dessert after supper, GREEN pudding!

I love stepping back to see how things have changed...and appreciating how some pretty sweet things -- like the joy of celebrating fun holidays with my baby girls -- remain the same.

Thanks to Miss Cheryl at Twinfatuation for hosting Way Back When-esday! I always appreciate the prompt to dig through my files take a trip down memory matter what the occasion!

And Cheryl, please know our thoughts are with you and your family as you face the challenges ahead...


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I love the pictures. :) Your little girls are so precious. I, too, enjoy a good holiday-themed shirt. I'm hoping my girls let me dress them for a few more years.

Fun post!

Wiley said...

I love the series of pictures! I think you should make folders and organize your pictures for every event so you can keep doing these for us, your viewing public ;-).

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love, love, LOVE these posts. It's so nice to see pics of years gone past...

unfortunately I suck at that - because I only keep one years pics on the computer and I can't usually be bothered to go fetch the external hard drive....... (gosh, i am LAZY)

Love how their faces have changed from extremely baby to more little girl now - aMAZing!

northsidefour said...

I love this idea and these pictures are just wonderful. Isn't it just amazing to look at the changes, had you even noticed they had grown so big? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Unknown said...

I'm still a sucker for holiday shirts, too! So cute!!