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March 17, 2012

Super Stuff on a Saturday (with Pictures!)

I don't think I've gone more than 72 hours without posting on the blog in feels kinda weird...but we're just having such a great time celebrating Daddy's four-day weekend that we've been running pretty hard!

Here are a few snippets from our super-fabulous week!

1) We had a great lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant on Saturday. The girls love the teriyaki chicken and shrimp (along with edamame, Daddy’s soup, and Mommy’s salad). This week I ordered a crunchy shrimp roll so they could try some “safe” sushi. They loved it, too! This is another love they come by honestly!

2) We had a fun play date with K&S on Tuesday. We had a themed lunch in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and the girls are still talking about their sandwich in the shape of a clover.

3) Tuesday afternoon, the girls napped exceptionally well, and we invited Daddy to meet us for an afternoon snack at one of our favorite sandwich and salad places. The girls sat so well and shared very nicely. It was such a sweet treat, all the way around.

4) This week marked the girls’ first time wearing short-sleeve shirts since last fall. The sight of their precious little arms never fails to awe me.

5) The girls and I went for a walk in the neighborhood on Wednesday morning. It was super sunny, and after I applied their sunscreen, I asked if they wanted to wear their sunglasses. They’ve had sunglasses for ages now, but they’ve always fiddled with them after just a couple of minutes (and I’ve always been scared they’d poke their little eyes out). They did so well, though! They just marched along, giggling occasionally…and I managed to snap one of my new favorite pictures, the girls checking each other out after our walk!

6) On Wednesday night, we took the girls out for an extremely rare mid-week dinner, to celebrate the start of Daddy’s long weekend. They picked our favorite pizza place, Greener Groundz. As we were waiting on our food, B said so contentedly, “I’m so glad we’re here!

7) I’ve noticed how many times in a day Baby A remarks about something we haven’t done / seen / had in a while. The way she says it is so darn cute, though. “Oh! I we haven’t been to Target in a whiiiii-yul!” with huge emphasis on while. You’d think the poor child was deprived or something. :)

8) The girls are even more into singing “The Name Game” this week, and they’re getting really good at it. One day they entertained themselves (and us!) for at least 30 minutes in the car. And they would sing the most random words…grass, tree, car, truck, interstate, and even phrases like “some more”. HA!

9) On Thursday morning, B made two awesome comments, even before breakfast. She commented that my shirt was “a pretty melon color”, and – as she got into her chair – she said, “I’m trying to be expeditious”. How old is this kid???

10) On Thursday, we surprised the girls with a trip to the zoo…and then with a ride on the carousel there. And, despite Baby A being pretty scared when she first got up on the zebra she chose, the girls were over the moon! I got another favorite picture after our ride…B was waving to the little old man who ran the carousel, who faithfully waved to the girls every time we went around. And A was telling her zebra thank you for a nice ride. I really can’t stop looking at this picture…it just seems to encompass the pure joys of childhood.

11) Mid-way through our zoo venture, we stopped to share a little snack. I took another favorite picture, of the girls sharing a bottle of water. They were holding the straw for each other to drink. This mama could hardly stand the sweetness!

12) On Friday, we treated the girls to their first-ever hibachi experience. I was a little worried they’d be too “entertained” to eat, but I think the lure of the white sauce was even greater than the chef’s tricks. They had so much fun…and I think we’ve satisfied our sodium quota for the month.

So thankful for all the super fabulousness (and for the not-so-super-fabulous,'s not all rainbows and butterflies, but maybe that's what makes us appreciate the times when it is)!


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Wow! Sounds like an amazing week! Your beauties are sure cooperative for you these days. I can only pray that happens to me ... before they graduate!! I know we're transitioning around here with the new baby so that makes things sticky, at times. So glad you had such a nice week with the hubs!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

what an amazing week! Your girls always put a smile on my face!!!

Amanda said...

What a great weekend. My girls love restaurants so they would enjoyed this immensely. Great pics you caught too!

Mandy said...

Great week!! We hit the zoo too!

Unknown said...

Ok, now I'm totally craving a crunchy shrimp roll! yum!! We've thought about attempting Hibatchi with the kids but haven't done it yet. Maybe something fun to do over spring break for lunch one day when its not so busy (& cheaper!)

Love the fun pics. Adam just asked about going to the zoo today! I told him soon!

Adam was almost scared to wear short sleeves at first last week...he cried and wanted long sleeves. He resisted shorts today but finally gave in when he saw Jacob & Daddy had them on, too.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

This is another one of those "I'm sure I posted a comment" ones!!!

Good thing I checked.

I LOVE THAT PIC of the girls with the hair and sunglasses :)

It looks gorgeous - how often do you wash and do you do in ponytails (what's the difference between pigtails and ponytails?)

I've just twigged - I opened another tab to look up hibachi and obviously got sidetracked. LOL

We really need to go to the zoo - we've never been :)

Deanna said...

I love that sunglasses picture!

When we get started on the Name Game, we have to do EVERYONE and EVERYTHING too. I kind of enjoy it though...except when I slip and realize I'm about to say something I shouldn't, even though they wouldn't realize it. : )

We took the girls to a hibachi place a couple of months ago, and they are still talking about it. Addison asked just this week when we were going again. I'm thinking maybe this weekend!

cat said...

Oh my soul, they are so cute. A great week.

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I'm finally home and catching up - love this post. Fun week you had! And, you know I LOVE the pictures! Your little girls are so cute!

Lisa said...

Looking at these photos is so cool. They're adorable and it looks like they have such a special bond :)