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March 2, 2012

Fab 5 Friday

Another fabulous week at A & B Enterprises!

1) Friday we had some pretty cool weather, and – after being out and about quite a bit the previous two days – we hung out at home. When Daddy got home, he turned on the fireplace for us, a treat usually reserved for after the girls are in bed. The girls were in such a mellow mood…we read and drew and just relaxed. It was just so nice to sit together as a family and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

2) On Saturday we had planned to go out to dinner for Mommy’s birthday…but…the girls didn’t nap, and we told them we would not be going to dinner. I didn’t want to “reward” them for their behavior, but – frankly – Mommy needed a little pick-me-up. I decided to finally introduce the girls to popcorn. I set up a blanket in the den, like a picnic, and we all enjoyed a fun afternoon snack. (And no one choked!)

3) As we were finished dinner one night, Hubby said something about Pakistan. He uses a more British pronunciation, and the girls both jumped in – vehemently! – to “correct” him. I could not contain my laughter (and my pride…not at them correcting their daddy…but at their passion for world geography)!

4) The girls have been all about puzzles and games over the past week. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to observe how quickly their skill levels have progressed, just within a couple of weeks, it seems. Baby A has become really good at Memory, and they are both completing 25-piece puzzles by themselves. Wow!

5) We’ve had several days of beautiful weather this week, and we’ve spent a lot of time outside. Weather and schedules permitting, we love to go for a long walk / jog in the stroller in the mornings, and a walk hand-in-hand in the afternoons. The girls love to count how many kitties and puppies we see along the way. One particularly beautiful afternoon, we called a sweet neighbor, “Grandma” June, to go with us for some yogurt and then went for a walk with her. And another afternoon, the girls and I ran a quick errand and came home just in time for a neighborhood walk with Daddy as he got home from work.

This is the good stuff!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'm so jealous of your lovely cold weather and the fireplace.....

It was very hot here again today.

So how does J pronounce Pakistan? And how do you and the girls pronounce it? hard a like cat?

Amanda said...

So cute- sounds like a nice week!

Andrea said...

Hey sister!! Hoping the weather has been better to you today! I think there are 2 days in the our 7 day forecast of 70's. Craziness!! My 2 love puzzles too. Just today we put together a giant size floor alphabet train puzzle! Fun times! You are getting my very first back to blogging reading comment! :) Now aren't you special!! Off to try to read a few more! Have a fantasic weekend friend!! :)

Barbara Manatee said...

So jealous of the nice weather days (but also know you've had some doozies lately down there...). We are supposed to get temps near and into the 50s this week! woo hoo! Maybe I'll try to squeeze in a run OUTSIDE instead of hitting the gym/treadmill this week!

SO I can boast that my kids are all puzzle pros (Sarah can do 100 pieces and Adam can even do 50+ pieces himself)...but Pakistan? My kids barely know the names of any other states...let alone other COUNTRIES! ha!