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March 24, 2012

Super 8 on Saturday

...not the motel chain! No, just thankful for lots of super fabulousness over this past week!

1) We enjoyed an extremely rare treat on Saturday, eating out for breakfast. It was such an awesome family-filled morning…breakfast, a walk to the post office, making pictures as we walked around downtown, capped off with a trip to the grocery store. It was nothing fancy, but the wholesome family goodness certainly abounded.

2) The girls have been giving me huge, full-body hugs as I’m putting them to bed at night. They wrap their legs around me so tightly, and hold on with their arms around my neck for all they’re worth. Even though bedtime can sometimes be a little daunting, it’s truly the sweetest ending to the day.

3) Baby B has been particularly affectionate with her words lately. It’s so very sweet to hear her say, “I love you, Mommy!” or “I love you, Sissy!” for no reason at all. One day, out of the blue, she said, You’re sweet, Mommy!

4) I had my belated birthday massage on Monday. The girls asked where I’d been, and I tried to explain to them. After bath, I gave them a “massage” with lotion. They loved it! And since then, every time I’ve applied sunscreen, they’ve asked, “Are you going to give me a massage?” Um, no, not here in the garage, Honey.

5) On Wednesday, I had a couple of errands to run at the mall. I loaded the girls in their stroller, and off we went. Whereas we walked in the mall a lot last year, we hadn’t been there in quite a while. The girls were excited to wave to the carousel horses, and they were SO patient while I shopped for dresses for them. When we finished, we put the stroller in the car and walked across the parking lot to the dollar store. The girls each got to pick a new puzzle, and they were so tickled. It was such a smooth morning, all the way around!

6) We’ve enjoyed more beautiful weather this week, and lots of time outside. The girls are just getting the hang of waving the bubble wand (sometimes), and they’re trying to learn to blow bubbles themselves. They have been asking to play with chalk all winter. I kept saying, “When it gets warmer.” I finally let them pull out their buckets of chalk on Friday, and they had so much fun.

7) One very windy afternoon, I was blowing bubbles for them to chase. It was the picture of pure joy to see them running like mad, only to spin around and yell, “More, Mommy! At one point, Baby B almost ran straight into a bubble, and the surprise on her face was priceless!

8) One night as I was making supper, Baby A was playing Match with Daddy. I had fun listening to them play…especially hearing Daddy’s amazement at A’ prowess. A couple of times, she beat him, fair and square!

And I enjoyed some super “me” time this week, too…a massage on Monday…an impromptu catch-up with Aunt Karen on Tuesday night over chips and salsa…and coffee and dessert with a couple of twin mama friends on Thursday, on Demara’s back porch, nonetheless…bliss!

Hope you had a super-fabulous week, too!


Johanna said...

I think that these posts are going to be the girls' favorites to read back on when they are older. Such a sweet glimpse into your everyday life... and how completely in love with them you are. :)

Barbara Manatee said...

I've been super busy and gone a lot this week due to meetings and our Mom 2 Mom sale. I was gone before the kids woke up today and didn't get home until almost 5pm. The kids were all really sweet this evening - doling out lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles! LOVED it! So glad this week ahead should be less busy and then its spring break!!!

the kids have been bugging me for side walk chalk. Holding out for the Easter Bunny to bring some fresh colors!

Glad you had such a fabulous week!!! (SO jealous of the massage and friend time - too busy these days for either!)

cat said...

That does sound like a fabulous week