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March 28, 2012

Morning Moods

I remember my mom saying how she would go into my room when I was a baby, full of song and dance. She said she so wanted me to be a "morning person"...but she lamented she must not have sung joyfully enough.

[I'm just guessing I wasn't always a joy to rouse in the mornings.]

These days, I function just fine in the mornings...although I do like to get up in time to have a little time to myself.

I enjoy using the bathroom without an audience, and eating my cereal in a timely fashion, so as to have it as crunchy as possible. As much as I would love to have an extra hour of sleep some days, I could never be one of the moms who wakes up with her kiddos. I need to be able to put my game face on so I can be ready to dance and sing.

Since this time about a year ago, our girls have been rising relatively early. The OK to Wake clock has really helped...98% of the time I can count on them staying put until 6:30am.

While I think that Baby B might sleep a little longer, I usually hear A rolling around shortly after 6:00.

Given that dynamic, I think it's so interesting that Baby B is usually the one full of smiles in the morning...much more likely to dance and sing, if you will.

While Baby A doesn't cry or fuss, she rarely utters anything for a good 10 or 15 minutes. She often gets out of her bed and heads directly to the little couch in their room to stretch. Or sometimes she just wants to cuddle in my lap.

Here's a picture of Baby A that I took on their birthday, first thing in the morning...

This is a pretty typical face!

And here's another from last month. We'd just come downstairs and were snuggling together. Baby B was wearing a big smile, while her sister -- also full of snuggles -- couldn't be bothered with any expression...

I have to laugh...I can only imagine this is a preview of what A will be like in another 10 years...going from the bed to the couch, me having to roll her onto her feet some days.

Or maybe if both B and I continue to sing and dance, we can convince A that mornings aren't all that bad???

Or, ya know, if mornings are that hard, you could just sleep a little longer, A! Just a thought!!!


Johanna said...

I'm totally with A on this one! :) And, I sleep until the twins come get me most mornings. I'm fairly sure that after months of zero sleep when the twins were tiny, I may never recover! I place a pretty high value on sleep. And I'm a total night owl by nature.

Carrie said...

Hilarious! I love her morning face! Sophie takes after me and is hard to wake in the morning. Sometimes she'll sleep until 9 while Evie is wide awake and ready to go at 7. I can't imagine what she'll be like when she is a teen. My husband is a morning person and I have always been bothered by him trying to engage me in conversation as soon as I wake up, so I plan to totally let her do her thing.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Love her morning face, Mandy!

I'm exactly like A - I don't like getting up and I like to be woken nicely.

D gets up so early to have time to himself before the littles emerge, much like you.

He said to me once, "can we please not get a cleaning lady who's too much of a talker? I can't stand all that happiness in the morning"


Barbara Manatee said...

I'm not a very perky morning person either and definitely need my time in the morning during the week to get myself awake and ready before attempting to do the same for the kids. I fear the teenage years with my boys already...

Sarah often jumps out of bed, ready to get dressed while Jacob pretends to not hear us and stays in bed till we're ready to roll him out. As soon as Adam hears us, he pulls the covers up over his head, protests that he's still sleeping and to turn off the light. ha!