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March 30, 2012

Fab Friday!

Thankful for lots of fabulous stuff, sprinkled throughout this beautiful week!

1) Last Saturday, I was explaining to the girls that a lot of people were watching basketball that day. Why not football? Baby A asked. Be still my Southern heart!

2) We were at lunch last weekend, and we saw a ~two-year old drinking soda. “Mommy! That baby is drinking soda!” B LOUDLY exclaimed. “Babies need milk!!!” And later in the week, while we were grocery shopping, B noticed a baby teething on an actual set of keys (not plastic toy ones). “That baby has keys in her mouth! Keys don't belong in babies' mouths!” Yes, Baby Police, on patrol.

3) I took the girls to lunch on Wednesday…all by myself. I have done that once before, and it was “OK”…not great, certainly not relaxing, but “OK”. This week I was just feeling brave, and oddly calm. I chose our favorite pizza place downtown. It has a relaxed, shabby-chic atmosphere, but without too many distractions. (Maybe that was part of my challenge with the Mexican restaurant before…too much going on???) The girls were amazing! We had to wait a little longer than I anticipated for our food, but they were so patient! We mostly talked about the artwork on the walls, and it somehow held their attention. They waited nicely for me to cut our pizza, and then they ate like champs. I truly had such a fun time…I’d almost call it relaxing, even!

4) On Wednesday afternoon, we needed to pick up our remaining items from the consignment sale I participated in. I only had two bags (woo hoo!), so the girls and I made two short trips to the car. Afterwards, we walked to the edge of the parking lot, which borders a pasture. We’d seen a horse there once before…and to our delight, there was a little boy feeding the horse apples. He invited us to stand beside him at the fence, and the girls were enthralled to meet “Cody the Horse” and see him CRUNCH the apples. They couldn’t wait to tell their daddy when he got home.

5) After lunch on Wednesday, and then again on Wednesday afternoon, I only had one hand available to get the girls to the car. I held B’s hand, and had her grasp A’s hand, very tightly. I was nervous walking down the sidewalk, for sure, but they did a great job!

6) I made guacamole this week, and it turned out a little hotter than I’d intended. Still, the girls devoured it, asking for more. They also asked for a couple of refills on their milk…but I love that my babes like it hot!

7) Baby B was “reading” a book to her sister one morning. Baby A was sitting there patiently, until B missed a word. I couldn’t help but laugh at A, “correcting” her sister!

We've had a fantastic week of weather. It does our bodies and souls so much good to enjoy time outside...sunshine and fresh air!


cat said...

Love to read you thankful little pieces. Geat on a relaxing lunch.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I think the eating out thing for me is still a really big "moment" of parenthood, especially when things go well (remember my definition of success is simply no throwing food/ tantrums and 80% in them) so I GET all your joy when you have lovely eating out adventures :)

Great week, Mandy, and now I need to do my friendship post for the week.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

PS I have a post brewing in my mind about the baby police!

Lisa said...

They sound like so much fun! And you've taught them very well! They know what's right & wrong :)

Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

We definitely have a little police officer here too! I remember we once saw a mom smack her daughter's bottom outside a restaurant. Elliott expressed his opinion VERY loudly: "That girl's mommy hit her! HEY, WE DON'T HIT!!" I could only shrug and discuss it out of earshot so that the mom didn't get all defensive. Awkward.

Even the awkward moments are kind of funny in hindsight though, right? :)

Barbara Manatee said...

I always love the little things within your week that you find such joy and wonder in with your girls - you truly take note of the details!!!!