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March 6, 2012

A Mullet, an El Camino, and My Girls in their Stroller

Hearing the words "Business in the front, party in the back" -- usually to describe a mullet -- always just cracks me up.

Maybe it's having grown up in the south, where -- at least according to media portrayals -- there are more mullets per capita than in other areas of the country.

The phrase gained deeper meaning a few years ago, when I heard someone use it to describe an El Camino. "Business in the front" -- the "car" part of the vehicle, and "party in the back" -- the "truck" end.

See, my dad had a 1975 model El Camino, red and white, when I was growing up. It wasn't his primary vehicle (thank goodness!); I think he actually bought it for the "truck" component.

As a little kid, maybe six or seven years old, I thought it was so incredibly neat. What would now be considered child abuse, I got to ride on the arm rest console sometimes, and he'd let me sit in the back of the truck after he'd stop to get the mail occasionally, the wind blowing my hair as he drove our 1/4-mile driveway.

As I got a little older, maybe 10 or 12, the El Camino definitely lost its cool factor in my eyes. PLEASE don't let Dad show up at school with that thing!!!

And then, as I got older still, late high school and early college, the El Camino became a bit of a joke between Dad and me, akin to having an embarrassing cousin. I even found an old tag for the front of it at an antique store as a present for my pops.

When I heard the "mullet" comparison to the El Camino, I shared it with Dad with a tad bit of reservation. The El Camino had since gone on to junkyard heaven, but he found it mostly funny, rolling his eyes in a knowing way.

Fast-forward to yesterday afternoon, when I had the girls in their front-to-back stroller as we were shopping at the toy store. The sales lady was making small talk. B was smiling and giggling, while her sister didn't have much to say.

Both my girls are radiant, jubilant babies...but Baby A doesn't often give it up for random people, at least not at first. Yesterday, I'm quite sure she was focused on completing our transaction and getting home to play with the expansion set of tracks we bought for her train set.

C'mon, Mom...quit wasting time with this empty conversation! I have track to lay and trains to engineer!

The sales lady remarked, "Miss Blue Eyes is full of smiles, but it's all business in the front!"

I gave my usual response, along the lines of, "They're both full of smiles, just not always at the same time,"...but I couldn't help my mind from jumping over to a mullet comparison.

What, exactly, are you trying to say about my kiddos???


Johanna said...

I know a really offensive rhyme about El Camino cars... I'll have to email it to you.

I HATE it when people compare twins. No, she's not the smart/pretty/happy/outgoing/reserved/etc one. She's a baby. And in 10 seconds, the happy one will be crying and the reserved one will be singing the Aggie War Hymn for an audience.

Amanda said...

I had to read your post to see the link between the car, and the mullet and your twins- pretty funny!!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love your "ready" answers :) and you know I hate it when twins are compared in such a stereotypical fashion!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

I love your "ready" answers too! LMAO!

I love ElCamino's...seriously, I do. Mullets not so much! HAHAHAHA

I call them! Had they not already hit junkyeard heaven by the time I starting driving I TOTALLY would have "rocked" one but it would have been only business in the front AND back. *wink, wink*

Mandy said...

Ha! People are predictable if nothing else.

We actually keep a log of regulars at work, one category being mullets. We also have two rat tails! Hello 1983!!

championm2000 said...

As someone very attuned to mullets, I was drawn to this post :-)

I get the same thing with Em and Drew since Em is often the one who gets shy in public. I'll have to remember the snappy comeback!

izza said...

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Deanna said...

Mullets?? Surely not here in Alabama! : )

All business in the front--too funny!

Julia said...

That picture cracks me up, Mandy! I, too, love your answers. Thank you for sharing them---I try to be so careful to make sure my girls hear me defending them.

Hadley is my serious one, and we have definitely gotten comments like that before. I mean--in every twin set there's a smiley twin and a serious twin, right? ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

Too funny! I am not sure I ever heard the El Camino comparison to a mullet! ha! Sorry for the poor reference towards your sweet girl though!