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March 6, 2012

Sticker BINGO! The Game Continues...

When our girls were about two, I started playing "sticker bingo" with them. It was an exercise in following directions, being patient (relative to a two-year old!), and hand-eye coordination...using one of their favorite mediums, stickers.

The object was simple, to put one sticker in each box on the grid. As they got more proficient, I made the grid boxes smaller.

A few months ago, I added a twist to our game, to incorporate letter and number recognition.

Sometimes the girls would get "sticker happy" and not want to follow my directions. It helped if I would ask them to first show me the "M" with their finger, and then put a sticker on it.

And, in a variation of this game, I saw a friend made a "parking lot" letter game. The girls loved driving their cars to the correct spot!

These days, while they still need to work on some of their numbers, the girls are really proficient with letter recognition. They can list several words that begin with a most letters, and they are pretty good at naming the first letter of most words.

I upped the ante in our sticker bingo game, putting a mix of numbers and simple words in the boxes. I don't mean to suggest that my three-year olds can read, but they know "boy" starts with "B", and they were able to find a "B"-word.

I did have two "H"-words, "house" and "hat". I spelled those words for them, sounding out the letters, and they were able to find the correct box.

The girls had a great time...and so, the game continues!

I'm linking up with Charlene for Hey, Mom, Look What I Did! This isn't exactly a "craft", but -- in addition to great crafts -- she has some pretty great learning activities on her blog, too!Link


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Okay, you are a genius! Seriously.

I'm going to show V this post so she can do things with the babies.

V is very creative too so I'd be interested to see what she says.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this activity and how it can grow with them.

cat said...

Pure brilliance . I am so going to do this.

Barbara Manatee said...

Great work, Mom!!! Such fun activities - I bet they don't even know they are learning!!! (The mom and the teacher in me totally loves this!)

Olusola said...

Just discovered my girls love stickers too so I'll be starting some sticker activities with them. I'll keep your tips in my back pocket for much later

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. after your original post, i started sticker bingo with the kids. we mostly use the address labels that my mom saves for us! ha! but they LOVE it. we've started doing some matching with it, too. they'll put similar colors or animals or whatever into the same box.

i love these new variations, though!!