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January 9, 2012

The Tradition Continues

In honor of The University of Alabama playing for its 14th NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP tonight...

When the girls were about 18 months old, I posted "The Top 13 Ways You Know You Might Be a Bama Fan."

The list included things like the girls' first 'sign' being "Touchdown, Alabama!"...and how I avoided certain color combinations in sippy cups (blue / orange, yellow /! hiss!).

The list has expanded in the last 18 months, of course.

The girls not only know the chorus to "Sweet Home Alabama" and sing it with such energy, but they request it almost every time we get in the car. Upon hearing the first few notes, they even say, "WHOO! Turn it up!" They may do all of this with a slight southern twang.

The girls insisted on wearing their football jerseys on our trip to Alabama before Christmas. Forget that Mommy had a cute little penguin shirt in mind...they heard "Alabama" and they knew what that meant!

The girls can only spell a handful of words, but BAMA is right at the top of the list.

The girls yell "ROLL TIDE!" whenever they hear the word Alabama or matter what they're doing, or if it's roughly in context.

The girls also yell "ROLL TIDE!" when they see an Auburn logo on a flag or decal.

The girls can discern the Alabama script "A" from other capital A's.

Interestingly, the girls have never actually seen a football game...but when they do one day, they're gonna be some kinda ready!

Even though we don't live in God's Country (i.e. Alabama), I'm doing my best to raise my girlies with some down-home Alabama Pride!

Let the indoctrination continue!

Here, at 6 1/2 months...the first picture I have of the girls BOTH smiling...a coincidence? I think not!

Here, at 20 months (still sporting those 6-9 month onesies)...

And here, at 2 1/2, finally in big-kid jerseys...

We're Dixie's football pride, Roll Tide, Roll Tide!!! Bring home another one, Bama!


Julia said...

I love this post, Mandy!

I can just hear your babes with their little southern drawls saying, "Turn it up!" How fun that they get so excited about Bama football! :) And how very cool that they can spell it :) You're doing a great job with that indoctrination, Mama!

Johanna said...

Indoctrination starts young, doesn't it? My little Aggie fans know all the words to the Aggie War Hymn, think the 'thumbs up' sign means that everyone is saying 'Gig Em Aggies, and hate the color burnt orange. :) Looking forward to getting our teeth kicked in next year in the SEC! :)

Anonymous said...

love this post. especially because it helps me know that I'm not the only one. t spontaneously blurted out yesterday, "let's go blue!" when we were driving! and they've been known to yell a few 'hail's here and there!

glad our kids can recognize what's important to us!


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

And Bama fans are so smart. We were driving past UAB Hospital recently and Elliott said "That building says 'Alabama' on it!" I was impressed. :)

Deanna said...

Love this!! That first picture is just too precious! It makes me wish we were not a "house divided", so A & M could sport their crimson & white all the time. : )

We are counting down to game one is very productive at work today, I'm afraid! It will be interesting, that's for sure. ROLL TIDE!!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...


And how you're brainwashing the little ones :)

championm2000 said...

Okay, those jerseys make me want to love football!

Since I don't have a dog in this fight (as we say around these parts), I will pull for the same team as the girls in the cute jerseys.

Roll tide!

Olusola said...

I say start em young! Good team too from what I hear. Just noticed that even your profile pic has you all in Alabama shirts. :) Roll tide!

Barbara Manatee said...

Too cute! Love their team spirit! And wait...doessn't Mark Ingram play for Alabama? (or did he get drafted?). He's from my city!