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January 17, 2012

A Mama's Tender Touch

As an ice breaker for a discussion on cold and flu season at our MoMs group last fall, we were asked to share our most poignant childhood memory of being sick.

Someone shared about being sick over Christmas; someone talked about having gotten sick after having too many cherry cough drops, and she can’t stand anything cherry-flavored to this day.

I told a story about being sick when I was about six.

My mom and I were sitting on the floor of the den playing games, likely an early-80’s game show on TV. She had been letting me drink Sprite, a rare treat. I asked for something to more to drink, and she said I should drink some water, since I’d had too much soda. I pleaded for Sprite, “It will make me feel better!

She answered me sternly, that I needed water, and left to go to the kitchen. She brought back a glass of clear liquid with ice, and I pouted. “Mom, I want Sprite!” “Mandy, just drink it,” she told me. And what did I find when I touched the glass to my lips?

Sprite, of course. And she smiled.

There’s nothing like a mama’s tender touch when you’re sick. And no matter how old we get, aren’t there times when we all think, “I just want my mama!

Since becoming a mama myself, I know there’s absolutely nothing worse than having a sick baby. It almost physically hurts my heart to know one of my girls doesn’t feel well.

What warms my heart, though, is knowing they look to me for comfort. I can’t always provide physical comfort from a sore throat or a sick tummy, but I can cuddle and snuggle and stroke their hair…and I know there’s comfort in that.

It’s surely the same comfort my mom provided to me, and her mother, to her…that must certainly shape us to care for our babies the way only a mama can.


Deanna said...

Oh, Mandy...this post hurts my heart thinking about how much you must miss your mom! You are so right--sick or not, there is nothing like a mama's touch. : )

Johanna said...

This made me cry. So sweet! Could be that I'm a little overly sensitive, since it will be 13 years since I lost my mommy tomorrow. I miss her every day, and am so grateful for the example she set for me. I still fight the urge to call for my mom sometimes, especially when all is not right with the world or I'm feeling under the weather. Super-sweet post!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post. mostly b/c i want to be this way with my kids. i never wanted my mom when i was sick. wonder if that makes ME or HER the weirdo?

Beth said...

Love this. I am 34 yrs old and still want my Mom if I am sick. I always call and tell her. I'm sure she wants to know ;-). Also, I hate to complain or be whiny with most people, but not Mom. She gets the whiny Beth, but I am always feeling a bit better by the time we hang up.

I actually had a *moment* when Will was younger. He was sick and running a high fever. He was completely lethargic, couldn't even hold his head up. When I tried to put him down, he cried out, "Mommy!" It's not that I didn't realize before then that I am his mother and he loves me, but in that moment I understood that I was his comfort. Just resting on my chest helped him feel better. I hate when my kids are sick, but I love nursing them back to health.

***also, thanks for the heads up. it looks like my email got hacked. Glad you didn't open the link. Sorry!

championm2000 said...

This is beautiful and just what I needed to read tonight as we've had a rough couple of days with very sick babies.

Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory with us.

Barbara Manatee said...

Awww! So sweet! Hope this doesn't mean your sweet girls are sick right now though!!

Funny you mention Sprite from when you were little - my mom always gave Vernors for upset stomachs and now I can't drink it - I just associate it with feeling ill! ha!